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1* Added support for the AIM711 contributed by Roland Cassebohm.
2* Added the lwIP TCP/IP stack.
3* Added PPP network support. Contributed by Nick Garnett of eCosCentric.
4* Added support for network under vmWare using the LANCE chipset. Contributed
5  by Iztok Zupet.
6* Added support for FAT12/16 filesystems. Contributed by
7  Savin Zlobec of Elatec Engineering.
8* Support for Spanning Tree Protocol in the old OpenBSD stack
9* Add support for GPS-4020 (embedded ARM7 GPS receiver/controller)
10* Basic IPSEC and libipsec support.
11* Flash driver for SST 39VFXXX devices
12* Wall clock driver for Synthetic target.
13* New port to TAMS MOAB (PowerPC 405GPr) development board
14* FLASH layer can now support NAND devices
15* RedBoot 'fconfig' data can now be stored in either FLASH or EEPROM
16* VNC server (remote access graphic system), contributed by
17  Chris Garry  <>
18* New port to Analogue & Micro Rattler (Motorola MPC8250)
19* Improved support for ethernet PHY devices.
20* Improved variant support for Motorola Power-QUICC2 systems.
21* Vastly improved networking speeds in RedBoot stack.
22* New port for Motorola PrPMC1100 (Intel XScale IXC1100)
23* SNTP client supports IPv6 multicast packets from time servers.
24* DNS client support looking up IPv6 addresses and reverse lookups
25* FTP client is IPv6 aware.
26* httpd daemon is IPv6 aware.
27* TFTP client and TFTP server now work with both IPv4 and IPv6.
28* New port for Analogue & Micro Adder-II (PPC 852T) boards
29* New ports for Intel XScale IXP425 boards (IXDP425 and Generic Residential
30  Gateway).
31* Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client contributed by Andrew Lunn.
32* Added port for NMI uE250 (ARM Xscale PXA250) platform, contributed
33  by Mind, NV.
35*********** eCos 2.0 release ************
37* SNMP code now works with the FreeBSD stack
38* Port added for IDT MIPS IDT79RC32334 reference platform, including Flash,
39  ethernet, and serial drivers as well as RedBoot support. Contributed by
40  Tim Michals working for IDT.
41* Port added for Texas Instruments ARM9 OMAP Innovator board. Contributed by
42  Patrick Doyle of Delphi Communication Systems.
43* Add XScale PXA2x0 support, with Microplex Printer control 5.0 (mpc50)
44  target incorporating flash support.
45* Add support for Cogent CSB281 - PowerPC 8245 board.
46* Add support for PowerPC 8260 based systems - one from Motorola (VADS)
47  and another from Delphi Communications.  Contributed by Delphi.
48* Add support for Analogue & Micro Adder (PowerPC 850) boards
49* Update MN10300 ASB2303 HAL to support RedBoot
50* New package for application level profiling (histogram only)
51* Support for NPWR Linux Engine (Xscale IOP310) from Team ASA
52* Support for Allied Telesyn TS1000 (PowerPC 855T based design)
53* Yoshinori Sato has contributed a watchdog driver for the Hitachi H8/300H.
54* Add AT91 watchdog driver. Contributed by Thomas Koeller of Basler Vision
55  Technologies.
56* SMP support added for x86.
57* Ported new networking stack from FreeBSD to eCos. Includes IPv6 support.
58* Added generic power management support, plus platform support for the iPAQ.
59* Ported Microwindows windowing graphics system. This port is still alpha.
60* Added hooks in common ethernet driver for lwIP lightweight IP stack.
61* Added RedBoot only ports to Samsung Calmrisc16 and Calmrisc32 architectures.
62  Includes board ports to Calm16 Core and Calm32 Core eval boards.
63* Added Samsung ARM KS32c5000 SNDS100 eval board port including RedBoot and
64  ethernet support. Contributed by Grant Edwards of Comtrol.
65* eCos+RedBoot port to the Altera ARM9 Excalibur board. Includes FLASH driver.
66* eCos+RedBoot port to Hitachi SH3-based HS7729PCI board, with SH 7729 CPU.
67  Includes FLASH, ethernet, watchdog and wallclock drivers. The ethernet
68  driver includes generic support for the VIA Rhine chipset.
69* eCos+RedBoot port to Hitachi SH3-based Solution Engine SE77x9 board.
70  Includes FLASH, ethernet, serial and watchdog drivers.
71* eCos+RedBoot port to Hitachi SH4-based Solution Engine SE7751 board.
72  Includes FLASH, ethernet, serial and watchdog drivers.
73* Support for the SH2 core, and SH2 on-chip etherc added.
74* Port to Matsushita AM33-2 based ASB2305 board added, including serial,
75  ethernet and FLASH support.
76* Ethernet, serial and USB drivers for NEC MIPS uPD985xx chip family added.
77* RedBoot-only port to MIPS Malta evaluation board (Mips32 4Kc and Mips64 5Kc
78  cores) added, including FLASH and ethernet support.
79* Port to NEC MIPS VRC4375-based 'Blue Nile' evaluation board. Includes
80  FLASH, serial and ethernet drivers (the latter being new support for the
81  i21143 chipset).
82* Ethernet driver for Intel i82544 Gigabit ethernet added.
83* Support for Samsung ARM KS32C5000 on-core ethernet broken out into "generic"
84  driver.
85* New architectural port to Fujitsu FR-V added. Initial board port to FR-V 400
86  development board, including RedBoot support and ethernet and FLASH drivers.
87  Currently pre-alpha quality only.
88* Support added to port remote file operations using the remote protocol for
89  newlib applications run under RedBoot.
90* eCos+RedBoot port to Intel XScale IQ80321 port added, including FLASH,
91  ethernet, and serial drivers. 
92* ARM Integrator port rewritten. Now includes ARM9 support.
93* RedBoot+eCos port to the Agilent ARM9-based AAED2000 evaluation board.
94  Includes FLASH, ethernet, keyboard and touchscreen drivers.
95* eCos relicensed to be under a GPL+exception licence, instead of the RHEPL.
96* All eCos documentation now available in DocBook format, licensed under the
97  OPL.
98* CYGPKG_IO_ETH_DRIVERS now puts its headers in install/include/cyg/io/eth
99* All platforms are now expected to be using Virtual Vectors. The
101  removed so recently built applications will fail to run on
102  boards that have old-style GDB stubs without VV support.
103* Added ELF and wider decompression support to RedBoot.
104* Added support for SuperH SH2 CPUs
105* Added port for Motorola MCF5272c3 ColdFire evaulation board from
106  Wade Jensen <>.
107* Added ports to Wuerz Elektronik and Axiom Manufacturing MPC555 based eval
108  boards. Contributed by Bob Koninckx  <>
109  from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Includes FLASH, serial and wallclock
110  drivers.
111* Added H8/300 port contributed by Yoshinori Sato  <>
112  Initially for Akizuki H8/3068 board with ethernet and serial driver support,
113  and H8/300H simulator.
114* Added RedBoot support for remote file I/O operations using the GDB remote
115  protocol.
116* Added SPARC_LEON port contributed by Jiri Gaisler <> -
117  see <> for information about the TSIM simulator
118  and Leon project per se.
119* Added port to CerfCube and CerfPDA, contributed by the manufacturer,
120  Intrinsyc. Includes ethernet drivers.
121* Added alpha of JFFS2 journalling flash file system v2 support.
122* Add synthetic target synthetic flash driver, contributed by Andrew Lunn.
123* CqREEK SH7750 FLASH driver added, contributed by Koichi Nagashima
124* EDB7xxx ethernet driver rewritten to be a generic Cirrus Logic CS8900A
125  package.
126* Incorporated FTP client code (library and test) from Andrew Lunn.
127* Incorporated ARM Development board aka INTEGRATOR port from Philippe Robin
128  at ARM. Includes FLASH, ethernet and serial drivers, along with RedBoot
129  support.
130* Added ARM E7T (AEB-2) serial device drivers contributed by
131  Lars Lindqvist at Combitech <>
132* Flash driver added for the SH EDK7708 platform.
133* Added rudimentary ELF loader, including support for dynamic objects under
134  services/loader.
135* DNS lookup support added. Contributed by Andrew Lunn <>
136* Cogent [Cirrus Logic] EDB7312 platform added.
137* Dallas wallclock driver implemented for x86 PC.
138* AMD PCNet ethernet driver added.
139* Generic SMP support added.
140* RedBoot support added to AM33-STB port.
141* Add Atmel AT91/EB40 port, including flash and serial drivers.
142* Added HAL port to SEGA Dreamcast.
143  Contributed by Takeshi Yaegashi <>
144* Added port to Bright Star Engineering SA11x0 based Flexanet handheld board,
145  including flash and ethernet support.
146  Contributed by Jordi Colomer <>
147* Added support for loading files from disk. Currently supports IDE drives
148  with Linux EXT2 filesystems.
149* Added wallclock driver for DS12887
150* AM33 STB flash driver added.
151* C library now supports multiple locales with multibyte character set support,
152  and the possibility of plugging in more. Current locales supported
153  are now C, C-SJIS, C-EUCJP and C-JIS.
154* Major reorganization of x86 HAL. Support for RedBoot and PCI added, based on
155  Fabrice Gautier's patches. i82559 ethernet driver added (Intel Etherexpress).
156  Synthetic HAL redesigned and moved to separate hal/synth hierarchy.
157* Added ethernet drivers for SMSC lan91cxx
158* Added driver for Motorola PowerPC 8xxT "Fast Ethernet Controller".
159* Added support for Analogue & Micro "viper" - PowerPC 860T based
160  board.  Currently this is only alpha since full test farm testing
161  has not yet been started.  Includes RedBoot, Flash and FEC ethernet.
162* RedBoot and eCos ported to Bright Star Engineering nanoEngine
163  StrongARM SA1110 board, including Flash, watchdog, serial, ethernet
164  drivers and PCI support.
165* Added support for ARM Evaluator7T (e7t) board.
166* Ported to Compaq StrongARM SA1110 PocketPC (iPAQ), including keypad,
167  touch screen, watchdog, FLASH, PCMCIA and Compact Flash drivers.
168  Also includes RedBoot, with support for booting ARM Linux.
169  Derived from an initial port by Richard Panton of 3G Lab.
171* Added flash verification checksums to RedBoot.
172* Added watchdog driver for Intel SA11x0 StrongARM.
173* Added generic Intel FlashFile 28Fxxx flash driver.
174* Added generic Intel StrataFLASH driver.
175* Support flash and ROMRAM startup for V850 HAL and Cosmo CEB board; also
176  adding support for the NEC V850/SB1 CPU variant. Also support for
177  thread debugging via ICE and gdbserv.
178* Added support for MIPS32/64 MIPS variants and Atlas platform, using both
179  the MIPS32 4Kc and MIPS64 5Kc processor modules. Includes PCI, serial,
180  ethernet and flash drivers. This is a RedBoot-only port at this time, not
181  full eCos.
182* Added simple ROM based file system support, contributed by
183  Richard Panton of 3G Lab.
184* Added support for MIPS PMC-Sierra RM7000 variant and Ocelot board, including
185  PCI, ethernet and FLASH support.
186* Added gzip/zlib decompression support to RedBoot.
187* Added zlib decompression library.
188* GDB stubs no longer reboot the board in response to a 'k' packet. Instead
189  from within GDB a "maintenance packet r" must be sent, followed by a
190  "detach". Then you can reconnect to the board.a
191* Added generic AMD AM29xxxxx flash driver based on MBX driver, and make
192  the MBX use it.
193* Added RedBoot support to PID target.
194* Added Atmel AT29C040 flash driver.
195* Added Intel XScale support with the IQ80310 Software Development and
196  Processor Evaluation Kit. Support includes flash and ethernet drivers,
197  and RedBoot support.
198* Added support for USB slave devices. This includes generic USB slave
199  support, a device driver for the SA11x0 on-chip USB device, and an
200  additional support package for developing USB-ethernet and similar
201  peripherals.
202* Added POSIX cancellation points for the sigwait family of functions,
203  pthread_join, pthread_cond_wait, pthread_cond_timedwait, sleep and
204  nanosleep
205* Virtual vectors initialization can now be configured with a finer
206  granularity. Diagnostic output should also appear on the same channel
207  (possibly ethernet) as the application was launched from.
208* Added cyg_pci_find_matching() to PCI library API to allow more generalized
209  matching on device properties.
210* ARM EBSA285 now configured to use virtual vectors all the time. Users with
211  old GDB stub ROM images should upgrade to newer GDB stub ROM images, or
212  better still to RedBoot.
213* Stack usage measurement has been added, with the functions
214  pthread_measure_stack_usage() in the POSIX thread API and
215  cyg_thread_measure_stack_usage() in the kernel C API.
216* Thread stack checking support added. See CYGFUN_KERNEL_THREADS_STACK_CHECKING
217  in the kernel CDL for information.
218* Add syscall support to RedBoot for compatibility with newlib-based BSPs
219* Bridge support added to the PCI library. Use cyg_pci_configure_bus() to
220  configure all busses.
221* Added a port to the Toshiba MIPS TX49 chip, with the REF4955 reference
222  platform. This includes serial device driver and wallclock device driver
223  support.
224* PowerPC 40x variant support added.
225* Added SH4 support. Split SH architecture HAL into variants in the process.
226* Added SH4/CQ7750 platform support [still untested]
227* Port to Intel SA1100 Multimedia evalulation board added, including serial
228  device driver, FLASH driver and RedBoot support
229* FLASH driver added for PowerPC/MBX
230* sigsetjmp() and siglongjmp() added
231* A choice of getcwd() implementations have been added
232* SH serial driver cleanup. SCIF driver added. SCI and SCIF drivers are
233  now separate packages. SCIF driver uses full FIFO and can utilize
234  DMA for transmit operations.
235* Move logical ethernet "driver" into io/eth where the interface can be shared
236  between multiple implementations, e.g. BSD TCP/IP and Red Boot's TCP/IP
237  stacks.
238* RedBoot - the Red Hat Bootstrap ROM monitor has been added, initially
239  supporting ARM-EDB7xxx, ARM-EBSA285, and ARM-Assabet boards. Provides
240  serial and ethernet GDB debugging support, flash image management and flash
241  booting, BOOTP/DHCP and TFTP boot support and a CLI interface.
242* Added PCMCIA and Compact Flash support, including drivers for the ARM-Assabet
243  board.
244* Added generic FLASH memory support
245* Added flash memory support for ARM-EBSA285 and ARM-EDB7xxx boards
246* Added Compact Flash Ethernet driver
247* Hitachi SH7707a variant support added.
248* Support added for both software and hardware flow control with an initial
249  version of the latter available only for the ARM PID board at present.
250* Loopback serial device driver added
251* POSIX termios support added for EL/IX level 1 compatibility
252* Improved dynamic memory management support in the memory allocator
253  package. Existing dynamic memory support in the kernel (fixed and variable
254  block allocators) and in libc (malloc, etc.) has been moved to this
255  package, located at services/memalloc/common. It is now possible to support
256  memory pools occupying all of remaining memory (as determined by the MLT).
257  New memory allocators can be "plugged in", and an example of Doug Lea's
258  malloc (dlmalloc) has been included.
259* Plug-in filesystem support added, with a POSIX 1003.1 compatible API, found
260  in the io/fileio package, and integrated with the C library.
261* An initial example filesystem implementation is provided in fs/ram. This
262  is a RAM filesystem that attempts to both be a useful tool in its own
263  right and an example of how to write a filesystem that plugs into the
264  fileio infrastructure.
265  The source of the filesystem is in fs/ram/VERSION/src/ramfs.c and is
266  intended to be largely self documenting. The General Description at
267  the beginning of the file gives an overview of the structure of the
268  system, and comments within the code explain specific points. This
269  code should be read in conjunction with the description of the fileio
270  infrastructure.
271* Support added for POSIX 1003.1 threads, mutexes, semaphores, message queues,
272  condition variables, clocks, timers and real-time signals in the POSIX
273  compatibility package (part of the EL/IX compatibility initiative) found at
274  compat/posix.
275* Kernel enhanced with Asynchronous Service Routines (ASRs) which are routines
276  called back at the point a thread is scheduled.
277* Added (configurably) priority ceilings for kernel mutexes
278* Support sorted thread queues in kernel, rather than LIFO, controlled by the
280* The Kernel C API functions cyg_semaphore_wait() and cyg_cond_wait() now
281  return booleans to indicate if the wait failed.
282* Added enhanced form of kernel message queue which is more flexible at runtime
283  than mboxes - available in <cyg/kernel/mqueue.hxx>
284* Add a generic interface in <cyg/hal/hal_tables.h> to allow tables of
285  data, particularly initialization data, to be included in an application
286  image. This replaces the previous __DEVTAB__ and __NETDEVTAB__ references
287  in linker scripts.
288* Most standard top-level header files now controlled by the "isoinfra"
289  package
290* C library package split into separate packages on functional boundaries:
291  i18n, setjmp, signals, startup, stdio, stdlib, time
292* Most targets now implement a standard form of "virtual vectors" - a
293  mechanism to allow enhanced co-operation between ROM monitors and running
294  applications. This allows the application to leave to the ROM things that
295  the ROM supports rather than duplicating, including debug channels that may
296  be via serial or ethernet. To take advantage of this, new GDB stub
297  images/CygMon images should be programmed onto boards, although old images
298  will continue to work - they will just not be able to use the new facilities.
299* DHCP support has been added to the TCP/IP support, in addition to the
300  existing BOOTP support
301* CDL now supports type bool and booldata for interfaces
302* CDL now exports extra macros in header files, to indicate package version
303  numbers
304* A port of the University of California at Davis (UCD) SNMP stack has been
305  added
306* Hitachi SH7709A variant support added
307* NEC V85x architecture support added
308* NEC Cosmo CEB-V850/SA1 evaluation board platform HAL added
309* Serial device drivers added for systems based on NEC V850 SA1 (70F3017)
310  or SB1 (70F3033) processors
311* Hitachi SH3 CqREEK (cq7708) platform HAL support added
312  Contributed by Haruki Kashiwaya
313* Watchdog reworked much like wallclock.
314  Common code and API in io/watchdog, simpler (smaller) low-level drivers in
315  devs/watchdog/<arch>.
316* IO serial driver
317  The common serial driver has been extended with a configurable option for
318  a non-blocking read/write mode. It has also been given some new callbacks
319  which allow low-level drivers to transfer data in blocks instead of as
320  single characters.
321* SH HAL
322  Now provides ROMRAM startup type, copying code and data to RAM before
323  executing, improving performance at cost of memory.
324* IO serial drivers reworked by separating into distinct platform
325  packages, making it simpler to implement new drivers.
326* WallClock reworked, making it simpler to implement new drivers.
327  New drivers
328  o SH3 RTC module
330-------- eCos 1.3.1 public net release:
332* New architectures and variants
333  o ARM Thumb
334  o ARM9
335  o Hitachi SH3
336  o Cirrus Logic CL-PS7111, EP72xx
337  o Intel StrongARM
338  o Matsushita AM33
339  o NEC MIPS VR4300
341* New platforms
342  o ARM AEB-1 rev C
343  o ARM PID support extended: ARM9, Thumb and big-endian
344  o Cirrus Logic EDB7xxx
345  o Cogent CMA222 and CMA230 ARM boards. (CMA222 contributed by Mark Salter)
346  o Hitachi EDK7708
347  o Intel x86 PC (base port contributed by Patrick O'Grady)
348  o Intel EBSA285
349  o Matsushita STB
350  o Motorola MBX evaluation board
351  o NEC VRC4373
353* New hosts
354  o Windows 2000 host support (beta)
355  o Red Hat Linux 6.x (should work on other distributions, but only
356    Red Hat Linux 6.x has been used for testing).
358* Configuration system revised
359  o Tools based on GPL'd configuration library (only tested on
360    Windows and Red Hat Linux 6.x)
361  o Tools available for both Windows (graphical) and Linux (CLI).
362  o Target side configuration much more flexible now, even though
363    existing configuration data has not yet been changed to take full
364    advantage of the new features.
366* TCP/IP stack and drivers [distributed in separate package]
367  o OpenBSD based, supporting UDP, TCP and ICMP.
368  o Motorola MBX (quicc) driver.
369  o Cirrus Logic EDB7xxx driver.
371* PCI bus library
372  o Simple API for configuring PCI resources.
373  o Intel EBSA285 HAL implementation.
374  o NEC VRC4373 HAL implementation.
376* New watchdog drivers
377  o ARM AEB-1
378  o Hitachi EDK7708
379  o Intel EBSA285
381* Debugging
382  o Stack monitoring
383    The file <cyg/kernel/test/stackmon.h> defines some functions
384    that can be used to profile stack usage.
386* API changes
387  o KAPI
388    include/kapi.h (cyg_thread_delete): is now a boolean function to
389    indicate success.  Failure is when the thread needs to run in
390    order to become killed.
392* HAL changes
393  o i386/linux
394    The eCos idle loop will not load the host system anymore (except
395    in special configurations, see linux_misc.c).
396  o MIPS
397    Split into arch/variant/platform hierarchy.
398  o MN10300
399    Split into arch/variant/platform hierarchy.
400  o PowerPC
401    Split into arch/variant/platform hierarchy.
402    Major revamp of exception handling - _not_ backwards compatible
403    (see vectors.S for the reasoning behind the change).
404  o SPARClite
405    Where supported by the targetted platform, it is now possible to
406    use Multiple Vector Trapping (MVT).
407  o ARM
408    The ARM Multi-ICE JTAG debugging interface is now supported on the
409    relevant platforms. eCos has also been extended to provide thread
410    debugging when debugging via Multi-ICE.
412* CygMon
413  o Integration of CygMon ROM monitor into eCos by porting it on top
414    of the eCos HAL
416--------- eCos 1.2.1 public net release:
418* Architectures and variants
419  o ARM7TDMI
420  o Fujitsu SPARClite
421  o Intel x86 [incomplete, unsupported]
422  o Matsushita MN10300
423  o Motorola PowerPC
424  o Sharp LH77790 (ARM7DI core)
425  o Toshiba TX39 (MIPS R3900 derivative)
427* Platforms
428  o ARM PID7T board
429  o ARM AEB-1 board (rev B)
430  o Cogent CMA287-23 (MPC823), CMA287-50 (MPC850), CMA286-60 (MPC860)
431  o Fujitsu MB8683x boards
432  o Linux/x86 Synthetic Target
433  o Matsushita standard evaluation board
434  o Matsushita standard evaluation board simulator
435  o Motorola FADS board [unsupported] (contributed by Kevin Hester)
436  o PSIM - PowerPC architectural simulator
437  o Toshiba JMR3904 evaluation board
438  o Toshiba JMR3904 evaluation board simulator
439  o SIS - SPARClite simulator [unsupported]
441* Hosts
442  o Redhat Linux 4.2 and later
443  o Solaris 2.5.1 and later
444  o Windows NT 4.0SP3 and later
445  o Windows 95/98 (Beta)
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