source: SVN/rincon/u-boot/board/matrix_vision/mvblm7/mvblm7_autoscript @ 55

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2echo "==== running autoscript ===="
4setenv bootdtb bootm \${kernel_boot} \${mv_initrd_addr_ram} \${mv_dtb_addr_ram}
5setenv ramkernel setenv kernel_boot \${loadaddr}
6setenv flashkernel setenv kernel_boot \${mv_kernel_addr}
7setenv cpird cp \${mv_initrd_addr} \${mv_initrd_addr_ram} \${mv_initrd_length}
8setenv bootfromflash run flashkernel cpird ramparam addcons bootdtb
9setenv getdtb tftp \${mv_dtb_addr_ram} \${dtb_name}
10setenv cpdtb cp \${mv_dtb_addr} \${mv_dtb_addr_ram} 0x2000
11setenv rundtb fdt addr \${mv_dtb_addr_ram}\;fdt boardsetup
12setenv bootfromnet tftp \${mv_initrd_addr_ram} \${initrd_name}\;run ramkernel
13if test ${console} = yes;
15setenv addcons setenv bootargs \${bootargs} console=ttyS\${console_nr},\${baudrate}N8
17setenv addcons setenv bootargs \${bootargs} console=tty0
19setenv set_static_ip setenv ipaddr \${static_ipaddr}
20setenv set_static_nm setenv netmask \${static_netmask}
21setenv set_static_gw setenv gatewayip \${static_gateway}
22setenv set_ip setenv ip \${ipaddr}::\${gatewayip}:\${netmask}
23setenv ramparam setenv bootargs root=/dev/ram0 ro rootfstype=squashfs
24if test ${autoscr_boot} != no;
26  if test ${netboot} = yes;
27  then
28    bootp
29    if test $? = 0;
30    then
31      echo "=== bootp succeeded -> netboot ==="
32      run set_ip
33      run getdtb rundtb bootfromnet ramparam addcons bootdtb
34    else
35      echo "=== netboot failed ==="
36    fi
37  fi
38  run set_static_ip set_static_nm set_static_gw set_ip
39  echo "=== bootfromflash ==="
40  run cpdtb rundtb bootfromflash
42  echo "=== boot stopped with autoscr_boot no ==="
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