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Ventana: Release new 16.02 pre-built firmware (16.02@791d5c5)

Based on OpenWrt r48868 (2016-02-17)


  • Built from 16.02 9c4230b
  • Changes:
    • Ventana: add ability to symlink dts files and support for GW5906
    • Ventana: backport IMX FEC patch to allow reception of larger frames
    • uqmi: update uqmi/ to latest LEDE version
    • linux-firmware: fix package source md5sum
    • linux-firmware: update to 20170422 linux-firmware tree
    • imx6: apply upstream mmc fix for DDR50 cards on UHS-I capable boards
    • scripts/ Use CDN for kernel downloads
    • Ventana: add spidev kernel module to build
    • Ventana: add GSC hwmon input for io4
    • imx6: add spidev support for Ventana boards that have SPI
    • imx6: add GW560x support
    • imx6: ventana: add GW553x board detection
    • imx6: add GW5904 support
    • patches-4-4: fix crash for fixed genphy driver
    • imx: added fixfdt to bootscript
    • imx6: disable UART dma
    • feeds.conf.default: fix mtd-utils packaging build issue
    • GSC driver: make GSC driver static
    • Ventana: add SPI to GW54xx
    • kernel: igb-Only-DMA-sync-frame-length
    • kernel: fix gpmi-nand ECC errors in erased pages
    • kernel: changed shutdown to call system restart
    • ubifs: add full overlayfs support
    • mkimage_blkdev: sfdisk compatibility and U-Boot/SPL programming support
    • Switched LuCi? feed to Gateworks repository
    • ebtables: added upstream binary compilation fix for ebtables
    • config-4.4: Switched DS1762 driver from module to static
    • boot: kobs-ng: update kobs-ng version required for newer kernels


Signed-off-by: Tim Harvey <tharvey@…>

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