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10/31/2017 08:05:03 PM (2 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: Updated pre-built bootloader

built from:

U-Boot 2014.04-00151-g6730a70 (Aug 19 2014 - 08:29:54)

Cumulative changes include:

  • refreshed Gateworks patchset on top of U-Boot v2014.04
  • added video enable gpio pinmux for GW54xx
  • add missing crlf to an informational print
  • configure i2c_dis# pin properly for gw53xx
  • enable SION bit on gpio outputs (this allows linux gpio-sysfs to properly report the value of gpio putputs)
  • configure PCISKT_WDIS# gpio
  • disable 4k tftp/nfs packages (until issues usign large packets are resolved)
  • updated SPL SDRAM calibration
    • use SDRAM width and size properties from Gateworks EEPROM (no longer board model specific)
    • add 256Mb parts (allowing up to 2GB on GW54xx/GW53xx and 1GB on others)
  • add GW552x support
    • enable uboot PCI support (but default to disabled for non GW52xx)
    • add PCI configuration for PLX switch
    • add i210 network device support
    • leave PCI reset de-asserted if PCI enabled
    • assign default ethprim dynamically to the first detected eth device
    • fix occasional uboot PCI link failures and display an error when no link occurs
  • add display support for AUO G070VW01 LCD display
  • fix occasional hang on IMX6SOLO/IMX6DL processors following disabling of display before launching OS

see for more details

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