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10/31/2017 08:06:23 PM (2 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: Updated pre-built OpenWrt BSP images for Ventana product family


  • openwrt-imx6-ventana-rootfs_normal.ubi - NAND based boards with <2GB NAND
  • openwrt-imx6-ventana-rootfs_large.ubi - NAND based boards with 2GB NAND

OpenWrt built from r615:

Bootloader built from 6730a70db6a25f93b4522f6097e004c2577cc4e2

Cumulative change summary:

  • kernel bump from 3.14.5 to 3.14.12
  • resolve occasional PCI link failure
  • sysupgrade support for NAND flash
  • eglibc hard float support
  • added jtag image creation
  • several minor gpio pin configuration changes in bootloader
  • enable SION bit on gpio outputs (this allows linux gpio-sysfs to properly report the value of gpio putputs)
  • support 256Mb DRAM parts (allowing up to 2GB on board 64bit configs and 1GB on 32bit configs)
  • add GW552x support
  • fix occasional bootloader hang on IMX6SOLO/IMX6DL processors following disabling of display before launching OS
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