10/31/2017 08:08:13 PM (2 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: Updated pre-built OpenWrt BSP images


  • openwrt-imx6-ventana-rootfs_normal.ubi - NAND based boards with <2GB NAND
  • openwrt-imx6-ventana-rootfs_large.ubi - NAND based boards with 2GB NAND
  • ventana_owrt_normal.bin - JTAG image for boards with <2GB NAND
  • ventana_owrt_large.bin - JTAG image for boards with 2GB NAND

OpenWrt built from 14.08 branch r638:


Cumulative change summary:


  • built from 7bb92397a5c29d1e391124c12a985a8bc408d56c
  • https://github.com/Gateworks/u-boot-imx6/tree/gateworks_v2014.04
  • add support for 4Gb density memory for IMX6DL
  • enable precharge power-down fast-exit mode for DDR3 (improved compatibility with various memory vendors)
  • add usb_pgood_delay env variable to extend warm-up time for USB Mass storage devices
  • add usb_pcisel hwconfig for GW52xx to steer USB OTG to miniPCIe socket


  • based on OpenWrt r42297 (2014-08-25 14:50:49 -0700)
  • Refreshed Gateworks patches
  • Refreshed Gateworks config files
  • Updated all feeds to latest versions as of 2014-08-27
  • Updated to latest wireless drivers
  • 80211ac support (ath10k/iwlabgn)
  • DFS Support in ath
  • Added HID Support to Ventana and Laguna
  • Added Bluetooth support (both btusb and ath3k) to Ventana and Laguna
  • Added ibt and ath3k Bluetooth firmwares to Ventana and Laguna
  • Add support for GW54xx/GW53xx/GW52xx/GW51xx/GW552x
  • Add gsc-daemon support for above boards
  • Add support for GW16081/GW16082/GW16082
  • Kernel: 3.14.16
  • Added sysupgrade support
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