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10/31/2017 08:11:39 PM (2 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: Updated pre-built OpenWrt BSP images

ventana-owrt-normal.ubi - NAND based boards with <2GB NAND
ventana-owrt-large.ubi - NAND based boards with 2GB NAND
ventana-owrt-normal.bin - JTAG image for boards with <2GB NAND
ventana-owrt-large.bin - JTAG image for boards with 2GB NAND

OpenWrt built from 14.08 branch r710:

Cumulative change summary:


  • built from f830d9d60ec7c53570ccdb23a24221e40ce8d707
  • add support for GW551x
  • add WDIS# pinmux for GW552x
  • add usb_pgood_delay set to 2000ms for USB devices
  • update hwmon for new power rails and remove min/max check
  • set new env vars used by Android boot script
    • set dtype env var to boot media
    • set mem_mb dynamic env var to size of memory
  • add 'gsc wd' command for enabling and disabling GSC watchdog
  • display GSC WD state (enabled|disabled) along with FW ver and CRC
  • GW51xx-A/B - disable wdog node instead of removing it
  • added device-tree display configuration for LVDS displays
  • add support for DLC-700JMGT4 and DLC-800FIGT3 LCD displays
  • add new fdt_fixup_display function to configure display
  • add fixfdt script to apply manual fdt fixups
  • add DT fixup for GW54xx compatibility with older kernels


  • based on OpenWrt r42297 (2014-08-25 14:50:49 -0700)
  • replace libqmi with uqmi for better QMI modem support
  • remove unused crda package
  • update routing package to fix a bug in batman_adv
  • add GW551x support
  • add accelerometer/magenetometer support
  • various ath10k driver fixes and improvements
  • added GSC drivers for pushbutton input event and GSC watchdog support
  • replace gsc-daemon with button-hotplug-gw for compatibility with GSC input driver
  • updated gsc_update tool for compatibility with GSC drivers

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m readme.txt
d openwrt-imx6-ventana-rootfs_large.ubi
D openwrt-imx6-ventana-rootfs_normal.ubi
A + ventana-owrt-14.08-large.bin
A + ventana-owrt-14.08-large.ubi
A + ventana-owrt-14.08-normal.bin
A + ventana-owrt-14.08-normal.ubi
D ventana_owrt_large.bin
D ventana_owrt_normal.bin

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