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10/31/2017 08:13:28 PM (3 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: Updated pre-built OpenWrt BSP images

ventana-owrt-normal.ubi - NAND based boards with <2GB NAND
ventana-owrt-large.ubi - NAND based boards with 2GB NAND
ventana-owrt-normal.bin - JTAG image for boards with <2GB NAND
ventana-owrt-large.bin - JTAG image for boards with 2GB NAND

OpenWrt built from 14.08 branch r775:

Cumulative change summary:

  • Bootloader: U-Boot SPL 2015.04-g75c3155 (Aug 03 2015 - 08:42:16)
    • built from gateworks_v2015.04 75c3155d69f6e679e646fbddf805e911d994eb42
    • added ums capability
    • added Falcon mode
    • added thermal support (display CPU temperature and loop if overtemp)
    • fix voltage rail for IMX6Solo/Dual-lite booting Yocto / Android kernel causing occasional PCIe corruption and system hangs
    • fix gsc board temperature when negative
    • add gsc sleep command
    • add fdt fixup to enable UHS-I support on selected boards
    • bump 1GHz ARM voltage rail for GW53xx
    • add dt fixups for watchdog external reset
    • fix NAND read failures
    • fix busywait if IMX6 temp <0C
  • OpenWrt: OpenWrt r42297 (2014-08-25 14:50:49 -0700)
    • replace iperf with iperf-mt
    • add GW551x board detection (sysupgrade)
    • configure uboot-envtools (fw_printenv/fw_setenv)
    • use OTP values to set imx-thermal driver temperature thresholds
    • disable Gen2 PCIe link by default
    • add gsc-input kernel module
    • add SATA_AHCI/ata-ahci kernel module for common PCIe based SATA cards
    • added gwsoc utility for management of the GW16113 I/O Expander
    • fixed GSC hwmon temperature readings when <0C
    • fixed button-hotplug-gw for pushbutton events
    • update gpio-button-hotplug driver to use interrupts vs polling for gsc pb
    • add i2c retry at controller level to accomodate GSC NAK when busy

Signed-off-by: Tim Harvey <tharvey@…>

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