Changeset 39 in SVN for ventana

10/31/2017 08:14:39 PM (3 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: Updated pre-built bootloader images

built from gateworks_v2015.04 19dcb8cc096b3db49595263480689951cc38ba5f

U-Boot SPL 2015.04-g19dcb8c (Oct 27 2015 - 14:14:44)

Summarized cumulative changes include:

  • imx: ventana: show board temp on boot
  • pmic: ltc3676: add regulator config function
  • use continuous PWM mode and 1MHz for LTC3676 PMIC regulators
  • Revert "imx: ventana: bump 1GHz ARM voltage rail for GW53xx" (no longer needed when using ldo-enabled and continuous PWM mode in PMIC)
  • enable ldo-bypass mode on compatible kernels if ldobypass env set
  • export backlight gpio after gpio driver is available
  • default pci to disabled in bootloader (to improve PCI link and enumeration reliability in the kernel)
  • update watchdog config for GW53xx
  • fix UHS-I detect for GW522x variants
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