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10/31/2017 08:21:18 PM (3 years ago)
Tim Harvey

Ventana: updated latest pre-built downstream vendor kernel

Pre-built kernels are being provided to aid supporting third-party Linux
distros. These are build artifacts from the Gateworks Yocto BSP and contain:

  • uImage (/boot/uImage)
  • bootloader bootscript (/boot/6x_bootscript-ventana)
  • device-tree files (/boot/*.dtb)
  • userspace kernel headers (/usr/include)
  • firmware for supported drivers (/lib/firmware)
  • kernel config (/boot/config*)
  • symbol table (/boot/Module.symvers*)
  • system map (/boot/

Built from

Summary of Changes since last pre-built image:

  • fixed userspace headers
  • added additional firmware for drivers (ar3k/intel ibt/vpu/iwlwifi)
  • added kernel config, symbol table, and system map

Signed-off-by: Tim Harvey <tharvey@…>

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