10:47 performance_tuning edited by rjones
Add measuring performance / lmbench sections (diff)


14:49 ventana/devmem edited by rerbstoesser
add note about register (diff)
14:11 ventana edited by rerbstoesser
updated openwrt in table to 16.02 4.4 kernel and features. (diff)
09:26 serialoverip edited by rerbstoesser
add link to ser2net (diff)
09:25 ser2net edited by rerbstoesser
add link to serial over ip (diff)


16:02 ventana/ethernet edited by rerbstoesser
add links for jumbo frames (diff)
15:19 USB edited by rerbstoesser
formatting on usb reset (diff)
12:49 ventana edited by tharvey
updated kernel details up to 4.9 and removed outdated references for … (diff)


10:18 SPI edited by tharvey
added details regarding SPI option on GW5520-C+ (diff)
08:14 gettingstarted edited by rerbstoesser
add statement for TFTP (diff)
08:10 Changeset [834] by tharvey
Updated jtag_usb to latest release r425 2016-12-13: Cumulative changes …


15:05 pcn edited by rerbstoesser
add pcn 8 - gw54xx revision E (diff)
15:03 sbcrevisions edited by rerbstoesser
change SPI line (diff)
14:26 USB edited by tharvey
14:25 USB edited by tharvey
use table headers (diff)
13:36 ethernet edited by rjones
Added Jumbo Frames section (diff)
08:24 ventana/ethernet edited by tharvey
updated ventana jumbo frame details (diff)


13:49 ventana/ubuntu edited by rerbstoesser
update 16.04 mainline statement. (diff)
10:06 ventana/ethernet edited by rerbstoesser
add link for conformance page for mii registers (diff)
09:46 ventana/ubuntu edited by tharvey
added Xenial console image download links (diff)


16:39 ventana/ubuntu edited by tharvey
added instructions for using the pre-built ubuntu kernel (diff)
14:34 ventana edited by tharvey
updated Android L5 feature table - added bluetooth (diff)
12:17 USB edited by rjones
Added usb reset tables and additional information (diff)


12:26 expansion/gw16112 edited by rerbstoesser
adjust 16112 interference statement for 2391 (diff)


10:05 Android/Building edited by rjones
Consolidated lollipop prebuilts section (diff)


17:18 Android/Kiosk edited by rjones
kiosk bootloader parameter clarifications (diff)


15:32 Android/Updates edited by rjones
Added notes on running Edify scripts from command line (diff)
13:43 Android/OSDevelopment edited by rjones
Added external storage section (diff)


09:00 alternateconnectors edited by rerbstoesser
add links to shop (diff)
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