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     3= Video Output on OpenWrt =
     4As of [wiki:OpenWrt/building OpenWrt 16.02], we have introduced rudimentary support for display output. Display output for the i.MX IPU was only recently added to the Linux Kernel for HDMI and LVDS. Since our [wiki:OpenWrt/building OpenWrt 16.02] BSP is on a newer 4.4.0 kernel, we were able to take advantage of this.
     6Please see [wiki:linux/display linux/display] for details on configuring the output for OpenWrt.
     8== User Interface ==
     9By default, we provided a simple framebuffer console for a user to interact with. On boot, if HDMI or LVDS displays were detected, OpenWrt will open a getty on it and prompt the user with {{{Please press Enter to activate this console.}}}. After hitting enter on a USB keyboard, the user is able to interact with the OpenWrt serial console. To disable or change this feature, please view ​[ this patch]. The line {{{'tty1::askfirst:/bin/ash --login'}}} may be removed if you want to disable this feature or changed to allow for something else. For a small overview of this, please visit ​[ this OpenWrt page].
     11For example, if you want to keep the framebuffer console for user interaction, but want to add a login prompt, you will have to follow the advice found ​here[3]. You will have to add the 'busybox' version of the login utility, then switch whatever TTY's you want to have password protection to using it.
     14 * [wiki:linux/display Linux Display Page]
     15 * [wiki:Yocto/Video_Out Yocto Video Out Page]
     16 * ​
     17 * ​