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The goal of this page is to explain our Yocto BSP images (e.g. test, gui, etc) This will hopefully allow for personal customization of images, as envisioned by the Yocto Project

Gateworks Images

The default Gateworks images provided under meta-gateworks/recipes-core/images/ are all inherit from the image file. Please see the below section for details.

Image Inheritance

Our image .bb files (the files that help customize and create images) are located in meta-gateworks/recipes-core/images/. In this folder, you'll notice four files, etc. Our file structure is as follows:

As you can see, our minimal image includes the poky for basic functionality and includes certain features we want in our BSP. Our test image inherits from our minimal image, removes package management tools and adds in some Gateworks' scripts.

Our multimedia image includes gstreamer and the Freescale VPU, while our gui image (which inherits the multimedia image) includes a gui interface for users to interact with.

Image Use Cases

Please see the below sections for Gateworks Yocto images.


This image contains the minimal set of packages for a Gateworks board. This image includes several base packages that we feel are necessary and is a console based image. In general, this image is never built, but is instead used to inherit from.


This image inherits from gateworks-image-minimal and adds various packages used to test our boards on our manufacturing lines. This is not recommended for developers.


This image inherits from gateworks-image-minimal and adds various additional multimedia packages from GStreamer and Alsa. This image is also console based, meaning there is no windowing system (e.g. X11).

This is the recommended Yocto image from Gateworks as it does not contain the bloat of the GUI image, but has strong capabilities for A/V.


This image inherits from gateworks-image-multimedia and includes an X11 windowing system + the matchbox window manager. Further, a web browser and video player are included through the GUI interface. Note that X11 and video player are VPU/GPU accelerated.