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     3= Yocto Linux =
     5Gateworks supports Yocto Linux for the Ventana Product Family Board Support Package.  Yocto is a linux build system that is used by many Embedded Linux Distributions (ie Angstrom, Poky, and more).
     7Yocto is a linux build system derived from Yocto and offers stable snapshot and excellent documentation.
     9'''Latest Supported Release'''
     11Yocto 1.8
     13'''Yocto Information'''
     14 * [wiki:Yocto/Building#Pre-CompiledBinary Pre-Compiled Binaries]
     15 * [wiki:Yocto/Building Building/Installing Yocto Linux for the Ventana Family]
     16 * [wiki:Yocto/packages Building/Installing Packages for Yocto / Yocto for the Ventana Family ]
     17 * [wiki:Yocto/SDK SDK For Developers]
     18 * [wiki:Yocto/NativeCompile Native Compiling - SDK]
     19 * [ Source Code] presented as an Yocto Layer
     20  * [ Gateworks Yocto BSP layer changelog] - Create a Github account and you can follow changes to our repositories to be updated when commits occur
     21  * [wiki:Yocto/images Explanation of our images]
     22 * [wiki:Yocto/packages Add and remove packages]
     23 * [wiki:Yocto/services Configure services]
     24 * [wiki:Yocto/Wireless Setup Wireless communication]
     25 * [wiki:Yocto/Video_Out Ventana Video Output]
     26 * [wiki:Yocto/Video_In Ventana Video Input]
     27 * [wiki:Yocto/gstreamer GStreamer Information for Video / Audio]
     28 * [wiki:Yocto/qt QT in Yocto]
     31== Kernel Support ==
     32We aim to provide the following in our default kernel configurations used for our Yocto BSP:
     33 * up-to-date Wireless drivers via linux-backports
     34  * commonly used 802.11ac / 802.11n / 802.11a/b/g Qualcomm / Atheros chip based cards
     35  * commonly used USB based wireless devices
     36  * commonly used USB based bluetooth host controllers
     37 * on-board embedded peripherals (ie i2c and spi based peripherals used on our boards)
     38 * Gateworks expansion peripherals
     40In other words we specifically do not typically include support for PCI sound-cards, PCI video-capture cards, and a full suite of USB based peripherals. We try to include support for peripherals commonly used with our boards.
     42If you have a particular add-on card (PCI or USB) that you are using with our boards and have a stable open-source driver for it feel free to contact to ask if we can add it in our standard board-support packages.