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     2= Gateworks Announces Android Support =
     5Gateworks is pleased to announce the support of Android 4.3 on their line of Ventana Family Single Board Computers (SBC).
     7= Android as an OS =
     9Android is a very robust and flexible operating system.
     11Its strength lies in the different app stores which house thousands of apps available for download for applications ranging from Digital Signage, POS, Monitoring, and more.
     13Android OS is raising the bar for interactive and more attractive embedded systems.
     15Android can bring a reduced time to market with its large existing Open Source Framework that is widely popular.
     17It uses the familiar Linux Kernel and has some traditional libraries.
     19Android is fully supported by Freescale for the i.MX6.
     21Android is just one of the many Operating Systems that Gateworks supports.  For other applications, please see the [wiki:ventana#BoardSupportPackagesBSPSoftware Ventana Family Board Support Packages]
     23= Gateworks Android Demo =
     24[[Image(android tablet picture.png)]]
     26Gateworks has built a small demo in their office using a 10.1 LCD Display connected via LVDS. [wiki:ventana/LVDS LVDS Information here]
     28Touchscreen is fully capable.
     30The apps are working great!
     32This demo is very similar to a rugged industrial tablet, POS ( Kiosk ), or Digital Signage  application.
     35= Install & Use: Gateworks Android Wiki Page =
     36Android is supported on the Ventana Family of Gateworks Products.
     38Please find more information [wiki:Android Gateworks Android BSP Page]
     41= Developer Tools =
     43Developers can get started quickly by purchasing a USB Stick Pre-Loaded with Android 4.3 on the [ Gateworks Online Shop]
     45For '''Windows Developers, C# and .NET''' can be used for development, including but not limited to [ Xamarin.Android].
     47Android pairs great with '''Eclipse''' as an IDE. 
     49It features a Full Java IDE, a Graphical UI Builder, and on device debugging options. 
     51Please see the following link for more information: []
     53There are many other options around the net, including a '''Visual Studio''' option [ vs-android: Developing for Android in Visual Studio]
     55= 4GB USB Flash Drive Pre-Loaded with Android =
     56Developers can get started quickly by purchasing a USB Stick Pre-Loaded with Android 4.3 on the [ Gateworks Online Shop]
     60= Android Apps =
     62Below are some apps.  Apps can be found on many marketplaces or as APK's.  Please note, Gateworks does not license  is in no way affiliated with the companies or has tested any of these apps. 
     64 * [ firmDROID Digital Signage]
     65 * [ NoviSign Digital Signage ]
     66 * Signage Player Android (FREE)
     67 * Bar POS Free
     68 * [ TabShop - Point of Sale POS]
     69 * [ Smart Home Control]