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Building OpenWrt for the Gateworks Avila Platform

Please refer here for instructions on building OpenWrt for the Gateworks products.

Installing firmware to Avila Board via Serial/ENET

To install firmware to a Avila board using Serial/ENET once your kernel/rootfs are on a network attached tftpserver TFTP Instructions do the following:

  1. Connect your target board to your network, set ipaddress and the tftp serverip in the Redboot bootloader:
    • boot the board and hit a key to enter into u-boot prompt
      Redboot> ip_address -l <localip> -h <serverip>
    • For example: Set localip to and tftp serverip to
      Redboot> ip_address -l -h
  1. Unlock flash blocks (required only for boards with 32MB flash):
    Redboot> fis unlock -f 0x50000000 -l 0x2000000
    • Note: the length param (-l 0x1000000) above differs depending on the flash size of the board:
      • 8MB FLASH - 0x800000
      • 16MB FLASH - 0x1000000
      • 32MB FLASH - 0x2000000
  1. Initialize redboot partition table
    Redboot> fis init -f
  1. Download kernel
    Redboot> load -r -v -b 0x00800000 ixp4xx/openwrt-avila-zImage
  1. create/write linux partition
    Redboot> fis create linux
  1. Download rootfs
    Redboot> load -r -v -b 0x00800000 ixp4xx/openwrt-ixp4xx-generic-squashfs.img
  1. create/write rootfs partition
    Redboot> fis create -l 0xe80000 rootfs
    • Note: the length param above may differ depending on the flash size of the board (and the flash map you have chosen if you modify it):
      • 8MB FLASH (allowing 896KB for kernel) - 0x680000 (provides 6.5MB for rootfs)
      • 16MB FLASH (allowing 896KB for kernel) - 0xe80000 (provides 14.5MB for rootfs)
      • 32MB FLASH (allowing for 1MB kernel) - 0x1e60000 (provides 30.375MB for rootfs)
  1. create boot script
    Redboot> fconfig
    • specify a boot script of:
      fis load linux
  1. Reboot the board
    Redboot> reset

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