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    13= Intelligent Access Points =
    2 Everyone and everything is constantly connected to the Internet via wireless. Wireless connections suffer in areas with a high density of users such as on trains, buses, in cafes or in stadiums. Users face slow bandwidth, dropped connections and interference.
     4Wireless access is everywhere and has become an essential convenience that customers expect businesses to provide.Wireless connections can become unreliable and suffer in high density use areas like trains, buses, cafes and stadiums. Users can face slow bandwidth, dropped connections and interruption when streaming video.
    4 To improve the reliability, quality, and performance in high density areas, Galgus has created a software solution, Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT). The CHT software is intelligent and designed to efficiently handle a large amount of connections. Wireless access points with CHT software installed throughout a train or building can communicate with each other in real time allowing them to make intelligent decisions based on the current load and demand by the users.
     6To improve wireless reliability, quality, and performance in high density areas, [ Galgus] has developed and patented CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), a multi-platform software that may be installed on Gateworks Single Board Computers. CHT software enables !WiFi devices to become intelligent fulfilling their potential capabilities and automatically taking real-time decisions to optimize the wireless performance for every connected user. CHT galvanizes your !WiFi network. APs and routers intelligently measure, share and optimize radio resource. All this is achieved without the need for a central controller. !WiFi devices are aware of their surroundings making joint decisions to best improve performance. There is not a single point of failure and next to no delay in the decision making process. A simple, salable and affordable solution that increases throughput performance by over 400% thereby increasing the capacity of both number of simultaneous clients and the bandwidth availability for high QoS applications such as video streaming.!
    68CHT on Gateworks SBCs provides the following advantages:
    1214* Reduces RF emissions, interference, and electricity consumption
    1315* Reduces the number of needed Wireless Access Points
     16* Increases !WiFi performance by up to 5x!
    15 == CHT Whitepapers ==
    16 For more information on CHT, please visit the []
     18== VIDEOS: Understand Galgus CHT Technology features ==
     20* !Enterprise/Hospitality Industry
     21* Aviation Industry
     22* Rail Industry
     24== CASE STUDIES: Know how Galgus CHT Technology has worked for several industries ==
     26[[Image(, width=300)]]