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     1= End of Life Policy
     3Gateworks has established an end of manufacturing life policy in an effort to aid customers with managing the product life cycle of their products that include a Gateworks product. Gateworks has an excellent track record of manufacturing long life products, with many board families being manufactured long after 10 years of being introduced. Gateworks strives for single board computer product families to have a lifetime of 10 years or more, with 5 being the absolute minimum.
     5Extensive experience with product life cycle management has shown that the microprocessor (CPU) is the critical component that determines End of Life for the single board computer (SBC) because it dictates the feature set in both hardware and software. Gateworks specifically selects CPUs that are promised and designed to have a long life availability.
     7Our supply chain team maintains a close relationship with suppliers to receive the earliest possible notice of any upcoming discontinuation of parts. In the event of a component discontinuation, a cross reference for suitable alternates will be done in collaboration with the engineering team to extend a product life cycle as long as possible. Once the EOL of the main microprocessor, or CPU, is announced, Gateworks will announce the end of life of that specific board family through a formal PCN announcement. Gateworks will then collaborate with those customers who are interested in extending the availability of a particular product model by establishing an inventory program to continue production as long as the inventory lasts.
     9== Gateworks Product Family EOL Dates
     11Newport SBCs featuring Marvell OcteonTX
     12 * Product Launch: 2017
     13 * EOL: 2027 (anticipated)
     15Ventana SBCs featuring NXP i.MX6
     16 * Product Launch: 2012
     17 * EOL: 2027 (anticipated)
     19Laguna SBCs featuring Cavium Econa CNS3XXX
     20 * Product Launch: 2010
     21 * EOL: 2021 - No longer recommended for new designs
     23Cambria SBCs featuring Intel IXP
     24 * Product Launch: 2005
     25 * EOL: 2019 - No longer recommended for new designs
     27Avila SBCs featuring Intel IXP425
     28 * Product Launch: 2003
     29 * EOL: 2018
     31Gateworks Official EOL Policy  [ (PDF Format)]