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     30<h1 id="GateworksFCC">Gateworks FCC</h1>
     31<h2 id="AreGateworksboardsFCCcertified">Are Gateworks boards FCC certified?</h2>
     33FCC &amp; CE testing must be done on the complete system which includes enclosure, cables, radios, antenna, power supply, etc. Because of this, we do not provide FCC/CE certifications. We can however work with you on getting your complete system through certification.
     36All of our products have been designed to reduce both conducted and radiated emissions and most customers make it through the approval process with minimal effort, assuming they have an adequate enclosure solution. We can also work directly with your certification house to provide the necessary documents for the certification process.
     39Below are some baseline scans for the standard Ventana SBC models in our metal indoor enclosures with a PoE powersupply. Note these are baseline scans and FCC certification must be performed on your specific system which includes any peripheral cards, cables, antenna, power supplies, etc so results will vary depending on your configuration.
     41<h2 id="FCCTestingCategories">FCC Testing Categories</h2>
     42<ul><li>Unintentional Radiators - Devices which don't transmit RF
     43<ul><li>Example: Gateworks SBC without Radio
     44</li><li>Certification cost is considerably less than a system with intentional radiator
     45</li></ul></li></ul><ul><li>Intentional Radiators - Devices which transmit RF as part of their standard operation
     46<ul><li>Example: Gateworks SBC with Radio (Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth, etc.)
     47</li><li>Certification is more extensive and costly to make sure the transmitted RF is within allotted specifications
     48</li><li>Using pre-certified radios (in same manner/setup as manufacturers certification) can eliminate requirement for verification of the transmitted RF and allow testing as an unintentional radiator at reduced cost
     49</li></ul></li></ul><h2 id="FCCTips">FCC Tips</h2>
     51Tips for passing emissions include, but not limited to:
     53<ul><li>Using metal enclosures with minimal openings
     54</li><li>Use shielded cables
     55</li><li>Proper grounding of the board, enclosure, cables and power supply
     56</li><li>Use pre-certified wifi radios. By using a pre-certified radio you can avoid having to re-certify the radio which can be more expensive since it is classified as a transmitting device. Note you must use the radio in the same configuration and with same antenna (gain) as it was certified. Check with your certification house for exact rules and regulations. 
     58A handy method to view the emitting clocks on a Ventana board is to use the command:
     60<div class="code"><pre>cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary
     61</pre></div><h2 id="FCCSampleScans">FCC Sample Scans</h2>
     62<h3 id="VentanaSBCs">Ventana SBCs</h3>
     65The following preliminary scans are
     68The below scans are for:
     69<strong> FCC EN55022 Class: B </strong>
     72<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5100emienclosure.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5100emienclosure.png" /></a>
     73<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5200emienclosure.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5200emienclosure.png" /></a>
     74<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5200emibare.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5200emibare.png" /></a>
     75<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5300emienclosure.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5300emienclosure.png" /></a>
     76<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5400enclosure.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/fcc/gw5400enclosure.png" /></a>