Change History for gsc

Version Date Author Comment
94 2 weeks Tim Harvey removed non-gsc-driver instructions for power-down; everyone should …
93 4 weeks Cale Collins added extra note for register 16
92 4 weeks Tim Harvey fixed description of R16
91 5 weeks Tim Harvey fix word-wrap typo
90 2 months Tim Harvey replaced misleading 'value' with 'bit' in register tables
89 3 months Tim Harvey removed setting of R11=0xff for user pushbutton examples and explain
88 3 months Tim Harvey added register save/load examples
87 3 months Tim Harvey added more detail about restored registers
86 3 months Tim Harvey fix GSC_SOFT_POWER_TIME bit fields and add examples
85 3 months Tim Harvey fix typo
84 4 months Bobby Jones Update for gsc v61
83 4 months Tim Harvey added GSC v60 release
82 4 months Cale Collins added note that driver will clear interupt bits
81 6 months Bobby Jones Document setting thermal temperature limit for GSCv3 v59+ firmware
80 6 months Bobby Jones Update GSCv3 links and version history to firmware v59
79 7 months Ron Eisworth
78 7 months Bobby Jones Update links and version info for gscv2 v52
77 7 months Tim Harvey add examples of using EEPROM write protection
76 10 months Tim Harvey updated hwmon example
75 11 months Bobby Jones Add info on manually calculating ADC values
74 11 months Bobby Jones Update GSCv2 firmware links to v51
73 11 months Bobby Jones Change "above" to "below" to account for gsc register documentation shift
72 11 months Bobby Jones Add supported version lines to added register sections
71 11 months Cale Collins fixed gram
70 11 months Bobby Jones Update i2c address table
69 11 months Bobby Jones replace interrupt "_SOURCE*" mentions with "_STATUS" for consistency
68 11 months Bobby Jones Update GSC register table with links. Remove mention of undocumented …
67 11 months Bobby Jones replace collapsible as wiki attachment. Collapsible …
66 11 months Bobby Jones Shift gsc registers to top of page
65 11 months Bobby Jones Large update with v58 release (added some missing v57 documentation as …
64 11 months Bobby Jones Add GSCv3 v58 links and changelog
63 11 months Bobby Jones Add link to venice firmware page
62 15 months Tim Harvey limit references to outdated gsc-input driver
61 15 months Tim Harvey removed dead link
60 16 months Bobby Jones Point to new reg_save_load section in firmware reset behavior
59 16 months Bobby Jones Add more information on register save/load
58 16 months Tim Harvey remove obsolete user watchdog feature info
57 16 months Bobby Jones Add GSCv3 v57 register descriptions
56 16 months Bobby Jones Update version links for latest gsc firmware
55 17 months Ryan Erbstoesser add statement for software
54 17 months Bobby Jones Add v57 version changelog
53 17 months Tim Harvey update the GSC driver section
52 18 months Tim Harvey add fan setpoint config example for modern kernels
51 18 months Tim Harvey added note about older gsc hwmon drivers temp0 vs temp1
50 18 months Tim Harvey clarified GW5910 and GW5913 have GSCv3
49 21 months Cale Collins edit to board storage with respect to battery - to be more generic.
48 22 months Bobby Jones Update gsc version history for newport firmware
47 22 months Ryan Erbstoesser add 5910 5913
46 22 months Tim Harvey clarify GSCv3 models
45 22 months Bobby Jones gsc v56 version update
44 22 months Ryan Erbstoesser update gsc v3 hwmon example
43 2 years Ron Eisworth Added thermal protect GSC version info
42 2 years Tim Harvey added notes about user eeprom preservation during firmware updates
41 2 years Bobby Jones Update gsc version info for GSCv3 v55
40 2 years Ryan Erbstoesser add notes about VM and jtag
39 2 years Tim Harvey updated latest Newport/GSCv3 firmware version
38 2 years Tim Harvey clarify CPU_WDOG_POWERCYCLE is available on GSCv3 hardware
37 2 years Ryan Erbstoesser adjust capitalization for gsc versions
36 2 years Bobby Jones Add v54 release information. Updated battery read time for Newport.
35 3 years Tim Harvey added note about Vin measurement
34 3 years Bobby Jones Add R0.7 bit description for force hard reset of cpu WDOG/reset …
33 3 years Cale Collins updated gsc thermal protection
32 3 years Cale Collins fixed typo
31 3 years Cale Collins added clarity to reset cause
30 3 years Ron Eisworth
29 3 years Tim Harvey added GSC v53 details
28 3 years Bobby Jones Fixed mention of 9 hour battery checking intervals to 18 hours …
27 3 years Tim Harvey updated battery details: battery shelf life, battery measurement
26 3 years Tim Harvey added Newport GW610x/GW620x to GPS antenna table
25 3 years Bobby Jones fix typo
24 3 years Cale Collins started to add default register values
23 3 years Cale Collins elaborated in user pushbutton example
22 3 years Tim Harvey remove cambria/rincon data
21 3 years Tim Harvey move pre-built images from to
20 3 years Ron Eisworth
19 3 years Ron Eisworth Added comment on battery voltage monitoring
18 3 years Tim Harvey add note about GSC v3 hwmon temperature units
17 4 years Tim Harvey fixed typo
16 4 years Tim Harvey remove reference to GW560x
15 4 years Tim Harvey updated hwmon table for Newport GSC v3
14 4 years Tim Harvey updated secure key size for Newport
13 4 years Tim Harvey updated download location for GW630x GSC
12 4 years Bobby Jones fixed typos
11 4 years Ryan Erbstoesser add link to errata hw4
10 4 years Cale Collins changed Newport battery amperage to 1.0uA from 1.2uA made adjustments …
9 4 years Ryan Erbstoesser update errata info for tamper
8 4 years Tim Harvey corrected endieness of hwmon
7 4 years Tim Harvey updated gsc firmware image link
6 4 years Tim Harvey added newport GSC v3 details
5 4 years Ryan Erbstoesser add direct example
4 4 years Tim Harvey add gsc v50 firmware
3 4 years Tim Harvey updated link to gsc_update source
2 4 years Tim Harvey fixed jtag download link
1 4 years trac