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GW2201 Octal UART

The GW2201 MiniPCI Octal UART card is fully supported by the 2.6.x+ Linux kernel. Note that you must enable the kernel 8250_pci driver (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250) and set the number of UART's high enough to accomodate the 8 UART's plus any provided elsewhere in the system you are using. For example, to enable this device statically (such that it can be used as the system console) and allow for up to 20 UARTs your kernel config should have:


Step 1

If you are using the OpenWrt Linux distro you can modify these via 'make kernel_menuconfig'. You will find them in the 'Device Drivers' -> 'Character devices' -> 'Serial drivers' menu with the options:

  • 8250/16550 and compatible serial support (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250)
  • 8250/16550 PCI defice support (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PCI)
  • Console on 8250/16550 and compatible serial port (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE)
  • Maximum number of 8250/16550 serial ports (CONFIG_SERIAL_NR_UARTS)
  • Number of 8250/16550 serial ports to register at runtime (CONFIG_SERIAL_RUNTIME_UARTS)

Save the configuration.

Step 2

  • Rebuild kernel by typing the following command in the trunk directory:
    make -j8 V=99

Step 3

  • Make new JTAG firmware images
    make images/laguna

Step 4

  • Flash new binary to board with JTAG programmer

Download Manual

See attached file to this wiki page. Download Here

Windows Support

Please contact us at for Windows support.

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