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Gateworks Laguna GW2388-4 Software Compatibility

Gateworks has been a strong supporter of the OpenSource community and continues to support the community by publishing all code developed for our products in order to aid in speed of development. This code can be obtained through our SVN and in some cases, our code has been merged in with the mainstream projects that we work with.

Gateworks has in the past supported 2 different distributions on the Avila Line of products. When the Avila Family has initially introduced, it contained a Board Support Package based on Snapgear. This has become obsolete and been replaced by OpenWrt. OpenWrt has proven to be reliable and easy to develop with and thus Gateworks has standerized all of our software for all lines on OpenWrt. You will find OpenWrt on every product we produce.

Having all lines of product allows for easy development on any new products and also allows for our customers sofware to be easily portable between platforms and updates.

GW2388-4 Software

The Gateworks GW2388-4 comes with OpenWrt Backfire release 10.03

Gateworks has developed all of the necessary patches to support this product and all of its peripherals. If you are currently using OpenWrt on your Avila or Cambria products, you will find an easy transitions to the Laguna Product as the build system is the same, and all packages that were available on the Avila / Cambria are the same. For more information on building OpenWrt for the Laguna see here.

Laguna Software Differences from Avila / Cambria

The Laguna Family comes with u-boot instead of Redboot (Manual found ​here) There are hardware differences that will effect the type of product that the board needs to be built for and different drivers that need to be built. This is transparent to a user if they are using the OpenWrt build system. If not, then more information about the peripherals and drivers can be found here