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     1= Laguna Recovery =
     2The Laguna Cavium processor can get into a mode when an invalid image has been flashed to the board. This mode can be seen when the JTAG program is stuck on Core 0 DRAM 00%.
     4Valid images on Laguna boards will be 16MB in size and be labeled with a file extension of .bin.
     6A common mistake is to flash a file such as openwrt-cns3xxx-squashfs_laguna_spi.bin which is only around 9 or 10MB.
     8Please note on the Laguna boards, there is SPI flash and NOR flash. Please read more to find out which board you have. ​
     10The board is stuck where the JTAG programmer can’t release the CPU out of reset.
     15== Workaround ==
     16'''Gateworks has come up with a work around for this, however, it is very precise and extreme care must be taken to not damage the board.'''
     18You can read about the fix on below, but please do not attempt it if you do not feel comfortable.
     20Please prepare the JTAG program on the PC with a valid Laguna binary, acquired from our list of pre-approved binaries here: ​
     21 1. Connect JTAG Cable to board and computer
     22 1. Ensure the board is not powered
     23 1. Take a pair of metal conductive tweezers and short two pins together. Pin 1 is marked with a white dot. Pin 2 is next to pin 1. See below pictures for an example.
     24  * GW2380/GW2382 - Pins 1 and 8 of U15
     25  * GW2391 - Pins 4 and 5 of U3
     26  * GW2388 - Pins 4 and 5 of U11
     27  * GW2387 - Pins 4 and 5 of U5
     28 1. Power on the board with tweezers in still held in place
     29 1. Start the JTAG program
     30 1. When the program gets to "Loading Debugger" Remove the tweezers
     31 1. The program should continue as expected and not be stuck on Core 00 DRAM.
     33== GW2380/82 Example ==
     36== GW2388/87/91 Example ==
     38NOTE: The picture is an example, please see above for exact IC chip.