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    148148Compared to distributing filesystem images or archives of filesystem contents this has method has some pro's and con's:
    149  * Pro's:
     149 * Pros:
    150150  * Other OS's can install this type of image onto another block storage device (such as Windows via [ USB Image Tool])
    151  * Con's:
     151 * Cons:
    152152  * Images are created from a fixed-size block device and require the same or larger size block device to be installed onto
    153153  * After installation any additional storage space (ie installing an image meant for a 2GB microSD onto a 16GB microSD) can not be used until the disk is re-partitioned and re-sized
    160 === Creating a disk image ===
    161 Procedure to create disk image from {{{/dev/sdc}}}:
     160=== Creating a Disk Image ===
     161Often disk images are provided already by Gateworks. If so, please skip this section. However, to create a disk image from the data already on a microSD, proceed with the following instructions.
     163Procedure to create disk image from the microSD {{{/dev/sdc}}}:
    1621641. (Optional) Zero out the storage device first (if not already done) to allow for the best compression as even if previous contents have been 'deleted' the data still exists (the filesystem directory table has just unlinked from it):
    177 === Using a disk image ===
    178 Procedure to write a disk image back to {{{/dev/sdc}}}:
     179=== Using a Disk Image ===
     180This procedure is to write a disk image to a microSD.
     182Insert the microSD into a Linux desktop or laptop PC. (not the Gateworks SBC)
     184The microSD should mount to the filesystem as something like /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc.
     186Verify on the system what letter it mounted as and be sure to not overwrite the main disk on the PC, which is typically /dev/sda.
     188Adjust the disk letter in the command below to write to the microSD with the pre-built disk image: (/dev/sdc is shown as an example only)
    179189 * Linux: