Change History for linux/devicetree

Version Date Author Comment
16 3 months Tim Harvey removed Laguna info (EOL)
15 8 months Tim Harvey add more dt fragment examples
14 13 months Tim Harvey enhanced fixfdt section
13 18 months Tim Harvey added dt overlay info
12 22 months Tim Harvey update serial-number from linux method
11 22 months Tim Harvey added serial-number dt node for newer bootloaders
10 22 months Ryan Erbstoesser add info for venice
9 4 years Cale Collins removed misleading comment.
8 4 years Cale Collins compiling and de-compiling are now sub-categories of "adding a new device".
7 4 years Tim Harvey added section title for decompiling
6 4 years Cale Collins added example to device tree compiler.
5 5 years Cale Collins restored section "adding new devices" and "compiling" from wayback.
4 6 years Tim Harvey updated links and remove reference to dated not device-tree kernel
3 6 years trac
2 6 years Chris Lang
1 6 years trac