Change History for linux/kernel

Version Date Author Comment
21 3 months Tim Harvey add --keep-directory-symlink to untar of the kernel to avoid issues …
20 6 months Cale Collins build out of tree module section updated.
19 6 months Cale Collins changed some verbiage for readability
18 6 months Cale Collins added bash syntax to code example
17 6 months Cale Collins added clarity to kernel headers code example
16 6 months Cale Collins kernel headers are not needed to build kernel modules.
15 6 months Ryan Erbstoesser add info about kernel headers, point to prebuilt
14 8 months Cale Collins fixed typo
13 10 months Tim Harvey added external module documentation and fixed some inaccuracies in …
12 12 months Tim Harvey adjust path for INSTALL_HDR_PATH
11 12 months Tim Harvey clarify INSTALL_HDR_PATH needs to be passed to make vs env var
10 18 months Cale Collins fixed typo
9 18 months Cale Collins added newport toolchain instructions
8 18 months Tim Harvey move pre-built images from to
7 18 months Shiv Khanna clarified kernel mainline examples
6 18 months Shiv Khanna added bison to build dependencies for newer kernels
5 19 months Tim Harvey added more detail to generic instructions for various Gateworks targets
4 19 months Ryan Erbstoesser add section for Newport
3 20 months Cale Collins fixed troubleshooting step
2 20 months Cale Collins added troubleshooting to step 4
1 2 years trac