Change History for linux/ubi

Version Date Author Comment
36 8 months Tim Harvey fixed mistakes in cypress 2048MiB flash geometry explanation and added …
35 16 months Tim Harvey added mtd-utils package reference
34 19 months Cale Collins added netmask/gatewayip instructions
33 22 months Tim Harvey add ubifs split details
32 23 months Cale Collins beefed up ubifs
31 23 months Cale Collins moved split image below ubifs section so note reads correctly.
30 2 years Cale Collins fixed instructions
29 2 years Tim Harvey add detailed examples of ubi and ubifs access in U-Boot
28 2 years Tim Harvey added section on ubi fastmap
27 2 years Tim Harvey updated kernel instructions to use version-agnostic link
26 2 years Cale Collins added video
25 2 years Cale Collins updated ubi creation process to include modules and depmod
24 2 years Cale Collins updated mkfs process to match what's done in our Jeknins script.
23 2 years Ryan Erbstoesser reorder nand update instructions
22 3 years Tim Harvey remove invalid reference to fakeroot
21 3 years Cale Collins removed fakeroot from example.
20 3 years Tim Harvey added note about -F param for mkfs.ubifs
19 3 years Tim Harvey fix typo
18 3 years Tim Harvey add back in the -O param to ubiattach for nandsim
17 3 years Tim Harvey added details on how to determine FLASH geometry at runtime from …
16 3 years Tim Harvey use 'large' and 'normal' flash geometry names instead of flash sizes; …
15 3 years Bobby Jones replaced ubi split method section word for clarity
14 3 years Bobby Jones Remove trailing ":" on section title
13 3 years Bobby Jones Removed extra "for" loop renaming, which is only necessary when moving …
12 3 years Bobby Jones Add split update section
11 4 years Cale Collins started bad blocks section
10 4 years Cale Collins relocated Creating your own .ubifs file section
9 4 years Cale Collins added Creating your own .ubifs file
8 4 years Cale Collins started adding notes to ubinize section
7 4 years Cale Collins added spectacular UBIFS resource to references section.
6 4 years Cale Collins added clarity to On a target board with NAND FLASH
5 4 years Ryan Erbstoesser update anchor
4 4 years Ryan Erbstoesser add anchor
3 4 years Ryan Erbstoesser add link to tftp
2 5 years Tim Harvey added 1GB NAND flash
1 5 years trac