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     3= AVC8000nano - 8x D1 Video Capture Card for Mini-PCIe on Gateworks SBC =
     4[[Image(, 256px)]][[Image(, 256px)]]
     6This card is a mini-pcie video capture card that can be used with Gateworks Single Board Computers. From the manufacturer's webpage:
     7''The AVC8000nano is a high-performance 8-channel video capture and overlay controller on a single Mini PCIExpress card. The AVC8000nano provides a powerful and flexible solution for capturing up to eight concurrent analog video inputs for local system display or software analysis and processing, ideal for embedded Situational Awareness systems in the most demanding environment.''
     9Gateworks has a driver built in to their [ gateworks_fslc_3.14_1.0.x_ga] kernel branch that supports this card on the Ventana Family of Single Board Computers. Allowing for 8 video inputs is very useful!
     11== Highlights ==
     12One of the things about this card that Gateworks is so excited about is the fact that one can directly capture frames through DMA (meaning increased performance and decreased latency). Gateworks currently supports this capability in the {{{gstreamer-imx}}} plugin: {{{imxv4l2videosrc}}}, which is in the 1.8 and master branches in Yocto. This allows for capabilities to scale all 8 (dependent on the processor used) video frames individually, rotation, cropping etc.
     14For anyone doing surveillance applications or some other application requiring more than our standard 2 video inputs, this card may prove to be something worth looking into, especially since it's now supported out of the box (if using Gateworks Yocto BSP).
     16== Blog Posts ==
     17In depth Blog posts using this card:
     19 * []
     20 * []
     22== How to Use ==
     23 * Connect video input card to Mini-PCIe slot on Gateworks SBC with SBC powered off
     24 * Connect u.Fl connector to card and then to composite output of a camera or source while board powered off
     25 * Be sure to be using [wiki:Yocto Yocto 1.8 or later]
     26 * '''Software Examples''' - [wiki:Yocto/gstreamer/compositing Video Compositing with GStreamer] - Compositing many camera inputs into one screen is discussed on this wiki page
     27 * [wiki:Yocto/gstreamer GStreamer] is used to access this card in general
     29=== Example Usage ===
     31This card can be used to capture 8 camera inputs and then either display them on a local monitor or stream them over the network.
     32 * The [ OpenCV] software library could be used to stitch the different inputs together to create a seamless panorama
     36Figure 1: Screen capture of 8 analog cameras displayed on a monitor using the Gateworks Ventana SBC
     40Figure 2: Eight analog video cameras mounted in a circular fashion for a panoramic capture
     44Figure 3: The AVC8000nano installed on a Gateworks Ventana SBC with 8 analog cameras connected
     48== References ==
     49* [ Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP) AVC8000nano]