Change History for newport/PCIe

Version Date Author Comment
10 3 months Tim Harvey added note about PERST# needing QLM to be configured for PCI
9 12 months Tim Harvey updated notes about PCIe gen2/3
8 12 months Tim Harvey added details on how to manually assert/de-assert PERST# from PEM's …
7 12 months Cale Collins added note to perst.
6 13 months Tim Harvey explain relationship between PCIe frequency and bitrate and add note …
5 20 months Ryan Erbstoesser add link for mechanical
4 20 months Ryan Erbstoesser add link for hwconfig, move see also to bottom
3 22 months Tim Harvey added links to other PCI pages
2 2 years Ryan Erbstoesser add link to manuals for pinout.
1 2 years Tim Harvey initial page