Change History for newport/boot

Version Date Author Comment
14 5 months Tim Harvey remove blank row in table
13 5 months Tim Harvey updated for kernel.itb and newport.scr bootscript being moved to root …
12 10 months Cale Collins added link buildingtheBSP to building .img instructions.
11 14 months Ryan Erbstoesser add links for bootloader
10 14 months Cale Collins fixed broken link
9 14 months Shiv Khanna Fixed typo
8 14 months Shiv Khanna Fixed typo
7 14 months Shiv Khanna Fixed typo
6 15 months Ryan Erbstoesser add section for uboot
5 15 months Cale Collins linked firmware-newport.img to avert wild goose chase.
4 18 months Tim Harvey update image file name to be more descriptive
3 19 months Tim Harvey added boot firmware version file details
2 20 months Tim Harvey added section on creating bootable disk images
1 20 months Tim Harvey initial page