Change History for newport/bootloader

Version Date Author Comment
21 3 days Tim Harvey update instructions for restoring U-Boot env
20 5 months Cale Collins removed slashes, added AND.
19 5 months Cale Collins fixed typo
18 5 months Cale Collins Removed all instances of the word SIM to avoid confusion about …
17 6 months Cale Collins added restoring defaults section
16 8 months Cale Collins added gw6200 to hwconfig section, removed second "saveenv" from all …
15 9 months Tim Harvey updated for kernel.itb and newport.scr bootscript being moved to root …
14 14 months Cale Collins fixed typo
13 14 months Cale Collins added section on u-boot tools
12 14 months Tim Harvey add GW640x-B example showing how to mux USB2 from the front panel to J10
11 14 months Tim Harvey fixed outline levels
10 16 months Tim Harvey added GW620x/GW610x socket options
9 16 months Tim Harvey updated example adding 'rootfswait' which should be done for all block …
8 17 months Tim Harvey fix bootargs for booting from network example
7 17 months Ryan Erbstoesser update hwconfig to use pci instead of pcie to match bootloader code
6 18 months Ryan Erbstoesser add note about saveenv
5 19 months Tim Harvey provided example of hwconfig
4 19 months Ryan Erbstoesser add version and github
3 21 months Tim Harvey added GW640x
2 2 years Tim Harvey added distro-config, boot scripts, and FIT sections
1 2 years Tim Harvey moved from newport page