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Newport Ethernet

Newport supports 1GbE. If 10GbE support is needed, please email

Newport Ethernet device mapping:

Board Connector Silkscreen U-Boot Linux PoE Phy
GW640x J21 Eth#0 vnic4 eth4 / enp5s0f5 802.3af/at RGMII DP83867IS
J22 Eth#1 vnic0 eth0 / enp5s0f1 Passive 8-60V QSGMII VSC8574 Port0
J22 Eth#2 vnic1 eth1 / enp5s0f2 None QSGMII VSC8574 Port1
J22 Eth#3 vnic2 eth2 / enp5s0f3 None QSGMII VSC8574 Port2 or SFP1
J22 Eth#4 vnic3 eth3 / enp5s0f4 None QSGMII VSC8574 Port3 or SFP1
GW630x J21 Eth#1 vnic1 eth1 / enp5s0f2 802.3af/at RGMII DP83867IS
J20 Eth#2 vnic0 eth0 / enp5s0f1 Passive 8-60V SGMII DP83867IS
GW630x J14 Eth#1 vnic1 eth1 / enp5s0f2 802.3af/at RGMII DP83867IS
J16 Eth#2 vnic0 eth0 / enp5s0f1 Passive 8-60V SGMII DP83867IS
GW610x J3 Eth#1 vnic0 eth0 / enp5s0f2 Passive 8-60V RGMII DP83867IS
  1. The GW6404 has 2x SFP sockets shared with eth2/eth3


The OcteonTX SERDES lane can support up to 10GbE total but that would mean only having 1 enet (SFP) port. We chose to route 1GbE to multiple ports and selected PHYs to match. Routing 10GbE would be a custom board design with a minimum order quantity and NRE design fees.

The SERDES lane off the CPU can support 10GbE TOTAL this could be the following configurations:

  • 1x 10GbE
  • 2x 5GbE
  • 4x 2.5GbE

SFP (Small form-factor pluggable transceiver) support

The GW6404 has 2x SFP sockets that are shared with J22 ETH3/4 connectors (vnic2/vnic3 in U-Boot eth2/eth3 in Linux). The SFP sockets support up to 1Gbps SerDes however some software support is required.

Please contact sales@… if you wish to use SFP and provide us details of the SFP module you wish to use.

Any SFP module that advertises 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-T capability should be supported.

Validated with:

  • Addon MGBSX1-AO (1000BASE-SX Duplex 850NM / 550M LC)
  • Addon EX-SFP-1GE-T-AO (1000BaseT Copper)


A software driver is required on the host to detect insertion and removal of SFP modules, query the capabilities of the SFP via its MSA, verify compatibility and configure the PHY for compatibility.

Additional Software support required:

  • BDK boot time configuration:
    • add SFP detection and VSC8574 QSGMII PHY configuration in BDK to detect modules on bootup
  • Linux Kernel run-time hot-plug configuration:
    • add I2C controller support to mscc phy driver
    • add DTS configuration (Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/sff,sfp.txt)