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Trusted Boot

Securing your Newport board with Trusted Boot Trusted Mode Boot is Cavium's hardware and firmware implementation of secure boot based on the ​ARM Trusted Board Boot Requirements (TBBR) specification described in the ​ARM Trusted Firmware. It utilizes the ​ARM TrustZone architecture and the ARM Trusted Firmware (ATF).

This trusted-mode boot solution ensures that all firmware is exactly as the OEM intends and that no FLASH tampering has occurred.

Note that trusted boot on the CN80XX requires the -AUC (without encryption engine) or -AUS (with encryption engine) variant of the processor which is not on Newport standard product boards. Contact sales@… if you wish to use Trusted boot on a Gateworks Custom or Special

For information on enabling and utilizing Trusted Boot on Newport you will need to establish and NDA with Marvell to obtain the necessary documentation.