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OTA - Over The Air Update

This is a large topic with lots of variables.

On the Gateworks SBCs, or single board computers, there are several pieces to be aware of:

  • GSC Firmware
  • Bootloader
  • RootFS (OpenWrt, Ubuntu, etc)

Read below for more details.

GSC Firwmare

The GSC, or Gateworks system controller has it's own firmware. This can be updated from the Linux command line, and thus scripted for OTA udpates. Read more here: gsc


This can typically be updated from the Linux command line. Read more here: ventana/bootloader



Ubuntu typically uses the standard apt-get package management system for updates.


See OpenWrt/sysupgrade


See SWUpdate: buildroot

Third Party Software

There are many third party software providers out there, that have NOT been tested on Gateworks products, so please proceed at your own risk: