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Building u-Boot for the Gateworks Rincon GW2361

The u-boot bootloader is used on the Gateworks Rincon


To build u-boot first build the OpenWrt BSP so that you have a cross toolchain appropriate for the architecture by following the step-by-step instructions here.

Step-by-Step Instructions for building u-boot

  1. Download u-Boot from Gateworks SVN
    # cd /usr/src
    # svn co
  1. Configure Path of Toolchain (change the below such that it points to the OpenWrt staging directory where the arm toolchain exists - the directory may vary depending on OpenWrt revision)
    # export PATH=$PATH:/usr/src/openwrt/staging_dir//toolchain-arm_v5t_gcc-linaro_uClibc-0.9.32_eabi/bin
  1. Configure u-boot for Rincon Family
    # cd /usr/src/u-boot
    # make davinci_dvevm_config
  1. Build u-boot
    # make
  1. Copy the u-boot binary to tftp server
    # mkdir /tftpboot/rincon
    # cp u-boot.bin /tftpboot/rincon

Programming u-boot

You have two options for programming the bootloader:

  • JTAG flash using JTAG programming adapter from the Dev Kit
  • update within u-boot itself over ENET

update via bootloader over ENET

  1. Connect your target board to your network, set host and server ip addresses in uboot

<boot the board and hit a key to enter into u-boot prompt>

GW2361 > sete ipaddr <localip>
GW2361 > sete serverip <serverip>

i.e. Set localip to and serverip to

GW2361 > sete ipaddr
GW2361 > sete serverip
  1. Copy u-Boot to the board's DRAM
    GW2361 > tftpboot 0x80000000 rincon/u-boot.bin
  1. Erase the u-boot that is currently on the board
    GW2361 > erase 0x2000000 +${filesize}
  1. Unprotect the flash blocks
    GW2361 > protect off 0x2000000 +${filesize}
  1. Copy u-boot from DRAM to FLASH
    GW2361 > cp.b 0x80000000 0x2000000 ${filesize}
  1. Reboot the board to load new u-boot
    GW2361 > reset
  2. </ol