Capturing and Playing Media on the Rincon Family

Gateworks has created and provided some simple utilities to capture a video source, encode the video into H.264, and stream the H.264 over a multicast group. We have also created and provided utilities to receive a multicast stream, decode the video, and play it out. We utilize the gstreamer program along with modifications from TI. Gateworks has also developed some additional patches to optimize the stream. Fully optomized, low latencies of ~200ms can be achieved. This is from capture -> encode -> stream -> network -> receive -> decode -> playback.

  1. Login to the LUCI web GUI on the board.
  1. Click on to the Services tab, then the Video tab.
  1. Make sure all the fields are correct.

Server Configuration

The Server encodes a video stream and sends it to the Client through the network.


  • Host: The multicast address to send and receive on.
  • Port: The port number to send and receive on.
  • Frames per Second: The number of frames per second that will be sent.
  • Encoding Type: Select between a high speed encoding or a high quality encoding.
  • Rate Control: Select between a constant bit rate or a dynamic bit rate.
  • Bit Rate: The number of bits per second to send.
  • Codec: The type of encoding/decoding program.

Example Server Configuration

Video Server ScreenShot

Client Configuration

The Client receives the encoded video from the Server, decodes it, and outputs it through the video port. Fields:

  • Host: This should contain the same address as the Server.
  • Port: This should contain the same port number as the Server.
  • Codec: This should also match the Server.
  • Jitter Buffer: Forced delay time between receiving packets to prevent jitter.

Example Client Configuration

Video Client ScreenShot

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