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Building OpenWrt for the Gateworks Rincon Family

Gateworks Provides patches to OpenWrt for the Rincon Family that can be downloaded and applied.

The Rincon Family currently is using Linux v2.6.32.27 and is provided with a host of userland tools built into the filesystem to do everything from routing to encode/decode H.264 video. You will also find tools to use all peripherals on the board such as the following:

  • RTC (hwclock)
  • HWMON (sysfs)
  • LED's (sysfs)
  • Serial (built-in)
  • Video (gstreamer)

Along with many other tools for general purpose such as:

  • i2cutils
  • iptables
  • ebtables
  • arptables
  • udhcpc
  • dropbear
  • dnsmasq
  • collectd
  • openvpn
  • memtester
  • stress
  • i2c-utils
  • and more

And the product can always have more tools/utilities add to it as it is a read/write filesystem.

A web GUI (LUCI) has also been provided on the boards that enables easy administration of the product.

Please refer here for instructions on building OpenWrt for the Gateworks products.

Installing firmware on a Rincon board via Serial/ENET

To install firmware to a Rincon board using Serial/ENET once your kernel/rootfs are on a network attached tftpserver do the following:

  1. Connect your target board to your network, set ipaddress and serverip in uboot

<boot the board and hit a key to enter into u-boot prompt>

GW2361 > setenv ipaddr <localip>
GW2361 > setenv serverip <serverip>

i.e. Set localip to and serverip to

GW2361 > setenv ipaddr
GW2361 > setenv serverip
  1. Unprotect flash blocks
    GW2361 > protect off 0x2080000 0x3ffffff
  1. Erase what is on the board currently (once executed the linux fs and kernel will be lost)
    GW2361 > erase 0x2080000 0x3ffffff
  1. Copy Linux Kernel to the Board
    GW2361 > tftpboot 0x80000000 rincon/openwrt-davinci-uImage
    GW2361 > cp.b 0x80000000 0x2080000 ${filesize}
  1. Copy rootfs to the Board
    GW2361 > tftpboot 0x80000000 rincon/openwrt-davinci-squashfs.img
    GW2361 > cp.b 0x80000000 0x2280000 ${filesize}
  1. Reboot the board
    GW2361 > reset

If no changes have been made to the default environment variables, you board will boot to a linux prompt on your newly built kernel/filesystem.