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V2X - Vehicle to Anything

V2X is a technology to allow a vehicle to communicate with other items. This uses a special RF Radio.

More details are provided in the Gateworks V2X Guide

Venice GW72xx & GW73xx V2X

The Gateworks Venice GW72xx & GW73xx Single Board Computer (SBC) can be used to host the Unex V2X Radio. The SOM-301x radio requires 5V, 3.3V and USB 2.0. The 3.3V and USB 2.0 are provided by default but the 5V is not. A UART is also required for development.

To enable 5V access on the J10 Mini-PCIe slot, the following resistors need to be loaded at the Gateworks factory before ordering:

  • Load R5, R6, R102, R101 for 5V (use 02240128 which is a 0402 0-Ohm resistor)
    • This enables 5V on pins 3, 5, 45, 47

The below resistors are for the UART and are by default unloaded on the GW7301 to avoid any conflicts:

  • R104, R103 for UART3 (use 02240128) *Note UART3 is also used for the onboard WiFi/BLE and will conflict

An example schematic snippet is shown below.

GPS PPS Signal

The GPS PPS Signal uses pin 49.

SOM-301x Datasheet / Manual

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