Change History for venice/bsp

Version Date Author Comment
22 3 months Tim Harvey updated build pre-requisites for latest version of googles repo tool …
21 3 months Tim Harvey updated build instructions with the SOC env variable
20 3 months Tim Harvey updated kernel config instructions to use defconfig
19 5 months Ryan Erbstoesser add step for building uboot
18 8 months Tim Harvey updated cross-compile example to use static and explain how to use shared
17 9 months Cale Collins removed step to make defconfig
16 10 months Cale Collins fixed broken instructions
15 12 months Tim Harvey add more info to repo cmd
14 12 months Tim Harvey added additional info about repo tool
13 13 months Cale Collins added device-tree-compiler as prereq
12 13 months Tim Harvey update locations of firmware images
11 14 months Cale Collins added note root privlages are required to build
10 14 months Cale Collins added two missing packages
9 14 months Cale Collins removed openwrt
8 15 months Tim Harvey update kernel config instructions
7 15 months Tim Harvey add toolchain details and cross-compile examples
6 18 months Tim Harvey remove 'firmware-venice.bin' as we no longer distribute this file
5 22 months Tim Harvey update git-repo installation procedure to not rely on outdated ubuntu …
4 2 years Tim Harvey added JTAG binary details
3 2 years Tim Harvey added ATF repo
2 2 years Cale Collins added temporary section to guide users using SSH.
1 2 years Tim Harvey initial page