Venice Thermal

Venice Power Dissipation

The following table provides typical power consumption (Watts) for the various Venice board models without any attached peripherals.

Scenario Linux idle 1200mhz stress 1600mhz stress eth0 GbE link eth0 iperf eth1 link eth1 iperf
GW7000 (SoM only) 1.31 2.05 2.31
GW7001 (SoM only) 1.36 2.20 2.50
GW7301-01 4.82 5.85 6.13 5.07 5.65 5.01 5.44
GW7300-00 4.54 5.59 5.85 4.80 5.46 4.73 5.50
GW7401 (3) 3.2 4.1
  • IMX8MM FEC GbE Link costs ~250mW and ~840mW when passing line speed traffic
  • LAN743x PCIe GbE Link costs ~190mW and ~620mW when passing line speed traffic
  • (3) GW7401 has an i.MX8M Plus compared to the rest of the family, which has an i.MX8M Mini.


  • GW7000 - Quad Core 1600MHz IMX8MM 1GiB LPDDR4, 8GiB eMMC
  • GW7001 - Quad Core 1600MHz IMX8MM 4GiB LPDDR4, 64GiB eMMC
  • GW7300-00 - Quad Core 1600Mhz IMX8MM 1GiB LPDDR4, 8GiB eMMC, 2x USB2, 2x GbE, 3x PCIe+USB2
  • GW7301-01 - Quad Core 1600Mhz IMX8MM 4GiB LPDDR4, 64GiB eMMC, 2x USB2, 2x GbE, 3x PCIe+USB2, GPS, WiFi/BT

See DVFS for more details.

Low Power Sleep Mode


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