Change History for ventana/bootloader

Version Date Author Comment
17 2 months Matthew Michilot fixed typo regarding the command to reset the u-boot environment
16 4 months Bobby Jones Added DLC0700XDP21LF to supported panel env variables
15 9 months Bobby Jones Add links to linux/ubi and linux/blockdev wiki pages for further …
14 10 months Tim Harvey update URL for jtag programming utility
13 12 months Tim Harvey updated uboot-envtools usage
12 12 months Cale Collins fixed typo
11 12 months Cale Collins added saveenv to u-boot-envtools
10 12 months Cale Collins uboot env tools refresh, examples and clarification added.
9 12 months Tim Harvey added more comments to env section and fix typo in nand flash map
8 12 months Cale Collins added u-boot-tools line for Ubuntu
7 13 months Cale Collins added optional step for vi ./include/configs/gw_ventana.h
6 16 months Tim Harvey move pre-built images from to
5 19 months Cale Collins removed and added carrots where appropriate
4 19 months Tim Harvey added reference to IMX6 RM for GPIO section
3 22 months Tim Harvey added instructions for building mainline U-Boot
2 22 months Bobby Jones Added information regarding enabling pci in the bootloader
1 2 years trac