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     6    <a href="#VentanaBreakoutAdapters">Ventana Breakout Adapters</a>
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     9        <a href="#GW16092-AudioVideoBreakoutAdapter">GW16092 - Audio / Video Breakout Adapter</a>
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     14                <a href="#JackFunctions">Jack Functions</a>
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     21        <a href="#GW16093-GPIOTerminalBreakoutAdapter">GW16093 - GPIO Terminal Breakout Adapter</a>
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     24        <a href="#GW16098-AudioVideoGPIOBreakoutAdapter">GW16098 - Audio / Video / GPIO Breakout Adapter</a>
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     27            <a href="#GW16098usedonGW52xx53xx54xx">GW16098 used on GW52xx/53xx/54xx</a>
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     30            <a href="#GW16098usedonGW51xxGW552x">GW16098 used on GW51xx / GW552x</a>
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     37    <a href="#VentanaCablingConnectors">Ventana Cabling / Connectors</a>
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     42<h1 id="VentanaBreakoutAdapters">Ventana Breakout Adapters</h1>
     43<h2 id="GW16092-AudioVideoBreakoutAdapter">GW16092 - Audio / Video Breakout Adapter</h2>
     45For use with GW52xx/GW53xx/GW54xx Ventana Boards with 5-pin JST connectors
     48<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/Ventana1-500x500.png"><img width="300px" src="/raw-attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/Ventana1-500x500.png" /></a>
     50<h4 id="JackFunctions">Jack Functions</h4>
     52The silkscreen is incorrect on GW16092 revA boards when used with Ventana board. Viewing the RCA Jacks from left to right looking at the board with the 5-pin JST connector at the top (rotated 180deg from the image above):
     54<ul><li>J7 - Audio Out-R or Video In/Out1 (Silkscreen incorrectly labeled AUD OUTR / VID IN1)
     55</li><li>J5 - Audio Out-L or Video In/Out2 (Silkscreen incorrectly labeled AUD OUTL / VID IN2)
     56</li><li>J3 - Audio In-R or Video In/Out3 (Silkscreen incorrectly labeled AUD INR / VID OUT1)
     57</li><li>J1 - Audio In-L (Silkscreen incorrectly labeled AUD INL / VID OUT2)
     58</li></ul><h2 id="GW16093-GPIOTerminalBreakoutAdapter">GW16093 - GPIO Terminal Breakout Adapter</h2>
     60For use with GW52xx/GW53xx/GW54xx Ventana Boards with 5-pin JST connectors
     63<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/Ventana2-500x500.png"><img width="300px" src="/raw-attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/Ventana2-500x500.png" /></a>
     65<h2 id="GW16098-AudioVideoGPIOBreakoutAdapter">GW16098 - Audio / Video / GPIO Breakout Adapter</h2>
     67For use with GW51xx/GW52xx/GW53xx/GW54xx Ventana Boards
     70Use with <a class="ext-link" href=";product_id=24"><span class="icon">​</span>GW10062 cable</a> for GW51xx board
     73Use with <a class="ext-link" href=";product_id=142"><span class="icon">​</span>GW10090 cable</a> for GW52xx/GW53xx/GW54xx boards
     76<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/Ventana3-500x500.png"><img width="300px" src="/raw-attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/Ventana3-500x500.png" /></a>
     78<h3 id="GW16098usedonGW52xx53xx54xx">GW16098 used on GW52xx/53xx/54xx</h3>
     80<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/5400videoaudio.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/5400videoaudio.png" /></a>
     81<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/5400serial.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/5400serial.png" /></a>
     83<h3 id="GW16098usedonGW51xxGW552x">GW16098 used on GW51xx / GW552x</h3>
     85<a style="padding:0; border:none" href="/attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/510016098.png"><img src="/raw-attachment/wiki/ventana/breakoutadapters/510016098.png" /></a>
     87<h1 id="VentanaCablingConnectors">Ventana Cabling / Connectors</h1>
     89For more information on connectors and cabling on Ventana, please see the link <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/alternateconnectors">here</a>