This tool can be handy if direct memory address modification is needed based on a change desired after reading the processor reference manual available on Freescale's Website Link. This could be used for modifying an imx6 register. However, depending on the change, this may be more appropriate in the device tree.

devmem is a powerful, yet dangerous tool for modifying memory addresses.

root@OpenWrt:/# devmem
BusyBox v1.19.4 (2013-10-02 00:06:48 PDT) multi-call binary.

Usage: devmem ADDRESS [WIDTH [VALUE]]

Read/write from physical address

        ADDRESS Address to act upon
        WIDTH   Width (8/16/...)
        VALUE   Data to be written

Example Writing:

root@OpenWrt:/# devmem 0x20e05cc 32 0x1b0b8

Example Reading:

root@OpenWrt:/# devmem 0x20E06CC 32


devmem is inside of the busybox package.

Please enable devmem in the OpenWrt build by using make menuconfig and then re-installing busybox onto the target.

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