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     1= Ventana SBC Without PCIe Switch =
     3Nearly all of the Ventana SBC boards have a PCIe switch which takes a single PCIe signal and expands it to the multiple Mini-PCIe slots on the boards. This is a very unique feature which allows for multiple wireless radios to be used.
     5For designs that do not require multiple slots that support PCIe, this switch can be removed and the cost reduced.
     7== GW5220 ==
     8The GW5220 is based on the GW5200 baseboard but without the PCIe Switch.
     10What this means is that only one slot can have a Wireless Mini-PCIe radio. Only one slot has PCIe routing. The other slot has other signalling, such as USB.
     12The GW5220 has two Mini-PCIe slots like the GW5200, but they are described by the following:
     14'''Mini-PCIe J7'''
     151. Optional PCIe - default is PCIe routed to J8 connector.
     162. USB Host port
     173. SIM socket mapped to socket to support cellular modems
     19'''Mini-PCIe J8'''
     201. PCIe or mSATA  – One or the other can be selected through a software controlled buffer. Default is PCIe.
     21 1. *Note: mSATA available on Quad Core models only
     222. USB OTG optional – controlled through software switch. Default is USB OTG to front panel connector.
     24Additionally, the GW5220 supports SPI which other boards do not expose.