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    203203[ Newport Mesh Pre-Built .img.gz]
     205= B.A.T.M.A.N.
     207Better Approach To Mobile Adhoc Networking is a routing protocol which enables the user to create a decentralized layer 2 network.  For more information see the [ official BATMAN wiki]. 
     209This example is directed at Ubuntu users, though BATMAN can be used with OpenWRT and Buildroot as well. 
     211Before configuration make sure you have antennas or attenuators connected.  Then verify your wireless radio is capable of being used for mesh.  This can be checked using the command "iw list |grep mesh -i".
     213To begin, flash two boards with the image linked below:
     217Boot them and install batman-adv:
     220apt install batctl -y
     223Edit /etc/modules add the line below:
     227'sync' then power cycle the boards, once you're back to the command prompt issue the following commands:
     229ip link set up dev wlan0
     230iw dev wlan0 del
     231iw phy phy0 interface add wlan0 type mesh
     232ip link set up mtu 1532 dev wlan0
     233iw dev wlan0 mesh join my-mesh-network
     234batctl if add wlan0
     235# Optional, use "batctl if" to see if your interface is active.
     236ip link set up dev bat0
     237batctl n
     240With this is done on both boards "batctrl n" should display the MAC of the neighbor board:
     242root@focal-newport:~# batctl n
     243[B.A.T.M.A.N. adv 2019.4, MainIF/MAC: wlan0/04:f0:21:3e:59:55 (bat0/ae:23:a0:50:1c:27 BATMAN_IV)]
     244IF             Neighbor              last-seen
     245        wlan0  04:f0:21:3e:59:56    0.084s