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     3= Enclosures =
     4Gateworks sells a variety of enclosures on their online shop seen here: []
     6== Indoor Ventana Enclosures ==
     8=== Installation Instructions ===
     9 * Heatsink
     10  * The enclosures are designed to heatsink the processor on the SBC to the metal enclosure for better heat dissipation. This is optional and a choice of the customer. The enclosure is supplied with a solid aluminum block. To use this, remove any heatsink currently on the processor and replace with the aluminum block heatsink as shown in the picture below:
     11  * [[Image(enclosureheatsink.jpg,400px)]]
     12 * Mounting SBC
     13  * Remove front plate of enclosure and pull out bottom plate that has standoffs on it.
     14  * Place the board 'upside down' on the standoffs and screw in 4 screws as shown below
     15  * [[Image(enclosurestandoffs.jpg,400px)]]
     16  * Remove front plate of enclosure  and slide in bottom plate and board as shown below:
     17   * [[Image(enclosurefront.jpg,400px)]]
     18  * Re-attach front plate and see the final product:
     19   * [[Image(enclosure.jpg,400px)]]
     21=== Din Rail Clip ===
     22The Ventana Indoor enclosures can be fitted with a DIN Rail clip
     24Two holes have been slightly punched to allow for customer drilling.
     26Din Rail Clip: [ GW10092]
     28Screws to mount to enclosure are DIN74-Am4 which means a 90Deg countersink, with 4mm Metric screw. These can be seen here: [ Example Screw]
     30Drill bit size: 11/64th or !#18 drill bit
     34== Gateworks GW3021 IP67 Outdoor Enclosure ==
     35The GW3021 enclosure is IP67 rated enclosure for outdoor installations of Gateworks 4x4 and 4x6 Avila, Cambria, Laguna, and Ventana network processing boards. The GW3021 provides complete protection against the ingress of dust (6) and water when immersed to 1m for up to 30 minutes (7). The enclosure includes four antenna connectors and two shielded weatherproof RJ-45 Ethernet connectors. The antenna connectors are located at the four corners to increase spatial diversity and decrease RF grounding to the mounting mast. Power is supplied to the unit through the Ethernet connector using a passive PoE injector or PoE power supply. The enclosure includes a pole mount bracket, processor heat sink and a long life, ball bearing fan to reduce thermal hot spots by circulating the air inside the enclosure. The enclosure comes fully assembled and ready to go with all mounting hardware.
     40=== Gateworks IP67 Outdoor Enclosure with Ventana Mounting Plate ===
     41Below is the plate mounted in the Outdoor Enclosure.
     43A few items to note:
     44 1. The holes drilled closest to the edge on the far right are on the opposite side as the fan
     45 2. The holes drilled closest to the edge on the bottom face the ethernet ports.