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Remove outdoor enclosure


Gateworks sells a variety of enclosures on their online shop seen here:

Indoor Ventana Enclosures

Installation Instructions

  • Heatsink
    • The enclosures are designed to heatsink the processor on the SBC to the metal enclosure for better heat dissipation. This is optional and a choice of the customer. The enclosure is supplied with a solid aluminum block. To use this, remove any heatsink currently on the processor and replace with the aluminum block heatsink as shown in the picture below:
  • Mounting SBC
    • Remove front plate of enclosure and pull out bottom plate that has standoffs on it.
    • Place the board 'upside down' on the standoffs and screw in 4 screws as shown below
    • Remove front plate of enclosure and slide in bottom plate and board as shown below:
    • Re-attach front plate and see the final product:

Din Rail Clip

The Ventana Indoor enclosures can be fitted with a DIN Rail clip

Two holes have been slightly punched to allow for customer drilling.

Din Rail Clip: GW10092

Screws to mount to enclosure are DIN74-Am4 which means a 90Deg countersink, with 4mm Metric screw. These can be seen here: Example Screw

Drill bit size: 11/64th or #18 drill bit


There are scenarios where a label / sticker can be applied to the standard Gateworks indoor enclosures for company branding.

In the past, Gateworks customers have used labels with the following properties:

  • Label Material: Textured Polycarbonate Laminate - scratch resistant, scuff resistance and UV resistance.
  • Adhesive: Permanent Adhesive
  • Thickness: 6mil (.006 inch) total
  • Corners: Square, NON-Rounded
  • Size: Measured to fit on top panel of enclosures. Size will vary depending on enclosure size, taken into account the corner pieces.
  • Vendor:

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