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    378 === GW2388 ===
    380 Please see ​GW2388 User Manual and view revision notes at the end.
    382 Please contact support
     378== GW2388-4 ==
     379=== Revision A === 
     380Date: 12/09
     381 * Initial Release
     383=== Revision B === 
     384Date: 05/10
     386 * Improve GSC battery circuit to increase battery life
     387 * Add core buck regulator power sequencing for reliable power up
     388 * Add VTT generator capacitance to reduce output ripple
     389 * Correct SATA connector footprint and adding optional SATA power connector
     390 * Replace through hole DB9 connector with surface-mount connector for improved manufacturing
     392=== Revision C ===
     393Date: 12/10
     394 * Change watchdog timer circuit to ensure narrow pulse width generates reset
     395 * Add ARM processor digital I/O control of USB voltage generator
     396 * Add GW16038 mounting hole for increased mechanical retention
     397 * Add fifth GW2388 mounting hole near center of board for increased stability in high vibration environment
     398 * Add support for micro SD card detection signal
     399 * Add optional USB header under USB panel jack for optional external connector mounting
     400 * Add series resistor to the GPS receiver antenna power signal to remove possibility of circuit damage in response to an antenna short
     401 * Add filter capacitors to LED, reset, and tamper switch connectors to reduce radiated emissions.
     402=== Revision D ===
     403Date: 09/11
     404 * Increase default DDR2 memory size from 128Mytes to 256Mbytes due to price reduction in newer parts
     405 * Replace core voltage switchers with newer devices that do not require the reset generator for under voltage lockout
     406 * Update primary 3.3V switcher with newer Mosfets and Inductor to improve efficiency by 10% and improve transient response for supporting higher power radios.
     407=== Revision E ===
     408Date: 08/12
     409 * Change the Mini-PCIe bridge reset from system reset to ARM Processor GPIOA11 to ensure it remains low until after the PCIe clock is valid.
     410=== Revision F ===
     411Date: 12/12
     412 * Terminate unused PCIe bridge inputs to correct for TI design flaw that potentially locks up the bridge at low temperature and high humidity environments
     413 * Replace bipolar transistor used to drive fan with a MOSFET device for increased current capability
     414 * Add passive filter to JTAG system reset input to reduce EMI sensitivity.
     415=== Revision G ===
     416Date: 12/13
     417 * Replace ARM processor clock with an external clock generator to reduce jitter on PCIe differential clocks
     418 * Add diodes to the PoE return paths on both channels for full isolation when being powered by an 802.3 switch
     419 * Replace N-channel MOSFET used to drive fan with a P-channel device for proper control.
     420=== Revision H ===
     421Date: 02/14
     422 * Move the PCIe interrupts from processor digital I/O signals to dedicated interrupts for improved interrupt capability
    384423= Other SBC Families =
    385424Please contact support