Change History for serial

Version Date Author Comment
21 9 months Tim Harvey added additional details for Newport and clarified that CN80XX GPIO12 …
20 9 months Cale Collins fixed hwconfg link
19 9 months Cale Collins fixed hwconfg link
18 11 months Tim Harvey fixed typos
17 11 months Tim Harvey added section about serial console
16 11 months Tim Harvey replace image with text table and fixed typo
15 14 months Cale Collins added example usage to rs485 sample code section
14 15 months Tim Harvey added device details for newport/ventana
13 19 months Tim Harvey point to silenceconsole page to avoid duplicate info about serial console
12 22 months Tim Harvey updated newport UART mappings
11 2 years Tim Harvey remove avila/cambria/rincon data
10 2 years Tim Harvey updated newport RS485 details
9 2 years Tim Harvey added GW640x
8 2 years Cale Collins cleanup
7 2 years Tim Harvey added details on setting serial console for newport
6 3 years Tim Harvey added gpio details for Newport serial transceiver
5 3 years Tim Harvey moved product/model specific details lower
4 3 years Tim Harvey added newport UART details
3 3 years Tim Harvey re-order the table of serial devices to put most recent products first
2 3 years Chris Lang
1 3 years trac