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Venice Digital IO

The intent of this page is to provide information about Venice single board computers general purpose off-board digital IO signals.

DIO and pin function Mapping

Venice baseboards provide multiple digital IO signals to a connector. The IMX8MM has 5 GPIO blocks having 32 GPIO's each which typically get mapped to gpio 0 - through gpio 159 in the Linux kernel. Note that this mapping is not guaranteed to stay the same across kernel versions - you can look at the debugfs /sys/kernel/debug/gpio file to see where the IMX8MM GPIO controller is mapped.

The various Venice product hardware manuals contain a table of what pins on the Digital IO connector routes to what IMX8MM GPIO. In some cases these signals can be pinmux'd internally to other functions as indicated in the table.

See the operating manual "Specifications", "Electrical" section for information on DIO max and min driving strength.

Venice DIO Mapping:

Board Connector Primary Function IMX8MM_PAD GPIO Notes
GW730x/GW720x J9.1 DIO0 GPIO1_IO07 gpio7
J9.2 DIO1 GPIO1_IO09 gpio9 can be ENET1_1588_EVENT0_OUT3
J9.3 UART1_RX GPIO5_IO24 gpio152 shared with GPS RX
J9.4 UART1_TX GPIO5_IO23 gpio151 shared with GPS TX
J9.5 I2C3_SCL I2C3_SCL gpio145 (GPIO5_IO17) shared with MIPI connector
J9.6 I2C3_SDA I2C3_SDA gpio147 (GPIO5_IO19) shared with MIPI connector
J9.7 GSC_ADC1 - - Can measure 0 to 5V
J9.8 GSC_ADC2 - - Can measure 0 to 5V
J9.9 VDD_3P3 - -
J9.10 GND - -
GW710x J25.1 VDD_5P0 - -
J25.2 GND - -
J25.3 VDD_5P0 - -
J25.4 GND - -
J25.5 VDD_3P3 - -
J25.6 GND - -
J25.7 SPI_MOSI ECSPI2_MOSI gpio139 (GPIO5_IO11) can be UART4_TX3
J25.8 SPI_MISO ECSPI2_MISO gpio140 (GPIO5_IO12)
J25.9 SPI_SCLK ECSPI2_SCLK gpio138 (GPIO5_IO10) can be UART4_RX3
J25.10 SPI_SS0 ECSPI2_SS0 gpio141 (GPIO5_IO13)
J25.11 I2C3_SCL I2C3_SCL gpio146 (GPIO5_IO18) can be PWM4_OUT3
J25.12 I2C3_SDA I2C3_SDA gpio147 (GPIO5_IO19) can be PWM3_OUT3
J25.13 UART3_RX UART3_RXD gpio154 (GPIO5_IO26)
J25.14 UART3_TX UART3_TXD gpio155 (GPIO5_IO27)
J25.15 GSC_PB# - - Connect pushbutton to GND
J25.16 GSC_ADC1 - - Can measure 0 to 5V
J25.17 DIO0 GPIO1_IO07 gpio7
J25.18 DIO1 GPIO1_IO09 gpio9 can be ENET1_1588_EVENT0_OUT3
J25.19 DIO2 SAI1_RXD1 gpio99 (GPIO4_IO3)
J25.20 DIO3 SAI1_RXD2 gpio100 (GPIO4_IO4)
  1. This is the signal name from the Venice hardware manuals
  2. This is the connector pinout.
  3. requires modifying the device-tree to change the pinmux

Note that all signals (unless noted in notes) are 3.3V tolerant.

Note that any GPIO can be used for the following:

  • an additional SPI chip-select for those boards that have a SPI bus connector
  • a 'bit-banged' PWM (using CPU timers)
  • a 'bit-banged' I2C bus (using CPU timers)
  • a 'bit-banged' MDIO bus (using CPU timers)

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